Career Transition Primer

Frequently, the unsettling period between jobs is when many decide it's time to finish that degree, learn that computer application, or master that foreign language. There are many organizations in the Houston area available to help you with your needs.

Masters of Business Administration are available through night classes at the University of Houston (U of H), St. Thomas University, or Houston Baptist University. "Executive" (condensed) MBA's are available from Rice University and U of H.

Masters of Science in Petroleum Engineering can be obtained from U of H through night studies. Other U of H degree programs include law, environmental, and even teaching certificates. U of H is a very flexible and economical way to start or finish that degree program.

A number of programs which introduces geologists (and engineers) to the environmental field are available through local colleges and universities. North Harris County Community College at 2700 WW Thorne, Rice University, and Houston Baptist University have different programs tailored to different needs. An independent program offered by Mike Campbell is also available locally (call 440-7665).

Many of the other community colleges (listed in the Yellow Pages under Schools-Universities and Colleges) cater to the growing interest in additional training. Often Russian, Spanish, word processing, computer aided design, or any other subject you would like to master is available through these institutions for a nominal ($100 and up per class) price.

If you desire a stronger foundation in computer applications, the community colleges listed under Schools-Universities & Colleges in the Houston Yellow Pages have a wide variety of classes. Also, private training is available from companies listed under Computers-Training.

If you're really serious about expanding your computer experience (or are looking for a good networking organization into the local computer industry), consider joining HAL-PC (1200 Post Oak Blvd., 963-4155). This is the premier Houston personal computer enthusiasts group. Dues of $40/year will get you access to almost unlimited training at all levels and support in both general and highly specialized computer applications.

Veterans should not overlook the opportunity to tap their federal benefits for training. Supplemental benefits may be available through the Hazelwood Act. Contact your Office of Veteran Affairs, 320 Jackson Hill, Houston at 868-0784 for details. Those unable to utilize Veteran's benefits should consider college scholarships, paid short-term training through the Dislocated Worker's Program (see p. 7), or long-term training through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (953-9211).

Self improvement may mean improved communications, public speaking, or reduced worry. The Dale Carnegie Course can help in these areas. They are available at 783-5220.