• Stephen F. Austin High School - 1966      
  • University of Texas at Austin, BS in Petroleum Engineering          
  • Univ. of Chicago, Master of Business Administration - 1990        
  • South Texas College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence -  1998

I became member of senior level management of a major integrated U.S. energy corporation during my 22-year career there.  I am now practicing law as a solo attorney; however, I stay abreast of the oil and gas industry and technical developments in the industry.  I was Treasurer of the SPE student chapter at Univ. of Texas during 1969-1970 school year, and Director of the East Texas chapter during 1977-1978. My advice to current students is to do your best to manage the transition from high school to college. For me, the transition was somewhat difficult in that I was thrust into a new environment with very few acquaintances, and the academic challenges were many during the first year; much perseverance was required to develop healthy study habits in order to succeed.