Contact Information

  • Ivonne Montiel
    (713) 998-4567


 Driven and determined professional with a passion for geophysics, equipped with a strong background in interpreting gravity, magnetic, and seismic data for early-stage exploration. Committed to delivering high-quality work and driving success through technical expertise, industry knowledge, and a love for continued learning and professional growth.




Houston Texas


- Leveraged experience in mining and the oil and gas industry to utilize gravity, magnetic, and seismic data for interpreting geological structures and identifying potential exploration targets.
- Specialized in interpreting gravity, magnetic, and seismic data to determine basement structure, base of salt, geological faults, and other key geological features crucial for exploration and development projects.
- Collaborated closely with multidisciplinary teams to analyze data and deliver valuable insights for exploration projects.
- Known for being a dedicated and loyal team member, fostering strong collaborative relationships and contributing to a positive team dynamic.

Awards and Certifications

Awarded Best Poster Presentation at EPG Africa for successful interdisciplinary collaboration between geologists and geophysicists. Translating rock physics into geological insights led to visually compelling results, showcasing the team's collective effort. This recognition validates our method's efficacy and boosts confidence for future exploration, emphasizing its contribution to successful outcomes and teamwork.


- Data Interpretation: Proficient in interpreting gravity, magnetic, and seismic data for geological analysis and exploration purposes.
- Geological Modeling: Skilled in creating and analyzing geological models to support decision-making processes.
- Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills, essential for collaborating with cross-functional teams and presenting findings.
- Problem-Solving: Proven ability to identify and solve complex problems efficiently and effectively.
- Software Proficiency: Experienced with industry-standard software tools for data analysis and interpretation such as Oasis Montaj, Xcalibur LCT, Kingdom Suite, etc.


I graduated from UNAM, one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. My degree is in geophysical engineering with a major in mining exploration. In the first two years of my program, I followed a common core curriculum, which included courses in calculus, statistics, chemistry, experiment physics, electromagnetism, integral calculus, and algebra, similar to those taken by engineering students. In the later years of my degree, in the principal clases included geology and different methodologies for geophysics, including studies in gravity and magnetics, seismic interpretation, well logs analysis, and electrical prospecting. Additionally, I studied courses in sedimentary rocks, petrophysics, seismology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, and the internal geodynamics of the Earth, etc.