Contact Information

  • Adam Turner


Geoscientist doctorate in geochemistry with 5+ years of experience supporting exploration, development, and production of upstream oil and gas through research, analysis, and integration.  Utilizing inorganic and organic geochemistry, well log analysis and formation evaluation, SEM and core scale reservoir quality analysis, seismic stratigraphy, and computer modeling to contribute to hydrocarbon system development and evaluation.  Proven success proposing, planning, and executing on unconventional wells in the Permian Basin.  Strong team player and leader, with reputation for working well with all, and passing on knowledge through formal and informal avenues.




Geoscientist (2018-Present)
ExxonMobil, Houston, TX

Delaware Basin Operations (2019-Present)
• Successfully planned and executed the development of more than 100 unconventional wells ranging from 1.5 to 3 mile laterals, providing daily steering updates and troubleshooting subsurface challenges.
• Mapped geologic targets and hazards using well log and seismic interpretations.
• Developed and executed a time-lapse geochemical sampling and analysis plan for the Delaware Basin, prioritizing high value acreage and delivering results on a strict budget and timeline.
• Created and integrated a novel, continuous XRF based, reservoir characterization tool using unsupervised machine learning techniques calibrated to reservoir quality datasets and proxy information, resulting in optimized landing points.

Petroleum Geochemistry, URC (2018-2019)
• Deployed advanced clustering techniques to allocate formation contribution of domestic unconventionals, resulting in development decisions being altered to increase efficiencies, and decrease overall well count.
• Geochemical characterization of Bakken oils to aid in determining “sweet spot” of development.
• Evaluated new technologies focused on microbial DNA with results of traditional chemical analysis. Results allowed the company to save >$100k in unnecessary analysis.

Business Development (2017 Internship)
• Developed a project to determine the validity of computer modeling of paleo-organic enrichment, or source rock potential.
• Modeling allowed for source rock predictions in areas with little to no well control data, significantly improving risk analysis.
• Created workflows for evaluation of computer models, developed best practices for implementation of models, and augmented the models for specific business unit needs.

Geoscience Intern (2014)
Concho Resources, Midland, TX

• Exploration geologist in the Delaware Basin looking for value driven, shallow field potential.
• Utilized well logs, seismic data, and historic maps, to analyze formation qualities on the Northwest Shelf and made recomplete and unconventional drilling recommendations to lead geologists and executives, which were later implemented.
• Responsibilities entailed well execution from the bottom up, rig site supervisions for directional drilling and mud logging.

Chemist (2012 – 2013)
Henkel, Research and Development, Scottsdale, AZ

• Research chemist, driving business minded innovations in product design.
• Project lead for several projects, including process optimization for a new style of anti-perspirant and method development for producing pre-cursors of bar soap, a previously unattainable in-house utility.
• Results of these projects were presented to a large group of peer scientists and company executives for review and execution within the product line.

Awards and Certifications

 ExxonMobil/GSA Student Science Award
 Houston Energy Fellowship
 Southeastern Geophysical Society Scholar
 Devon Energy Corporation Geology & Geophysics Scholarship


• Geochemistry
• Well Correlation Mapping
• Formation Evaluation
• Seismic Stratigraphy
• Source Rock Characterization
• Core/outcrop Description
• Geosteering
• Presentation of Research
• Geographix
• Petra
• Kingdom
• Starsteer
• Spotfire
• ArcMap
• Microsoft Office


 Ph.D. Geology, Louisiana State University (2018)
 Research: Geochemical analysis of Late Pennsylvanian Midcontinent Sea cyclothem core shales using modern natural laboratories in the Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico to develop a depositional framework.
 First author publication: “Circulation patterns in the Late Pennsylvanian North American Midcontinent Sea inferred from spatial gradients in sediment chemistry and mineralogy”, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
 AAPG LSU Student Chapter Officer 2014-2016, SEG LSU Student Chapter Officer 2016-2017
 2015 SEG Annual Meeting Steering Committee Applied Science Education Program Co-Chair
 2016 South Central GSA Annual Meeting Student Volunteer Coordinator
 Presented research at multiple national conferences.

 B.S. Chemistry, Geology minor, Arizona State University (2013)
 Research: Exploring uranium fractionation in modern carbonates as a novel redox proxy system for geologic record.
 Graduated Cum Laude
 Multiple Dean’s List Semesters
 American Chemical Society Induction

 B.S. Physics, University of Arizona (2007)
 Research: 3-D physical modeling of molecules by examining reactions of latticed spheres in the presence of a strong magnetic field.
 Presidents Scholarship for Academic Excellence