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  • Griffin Smith
    (770) 853-6478


I have a PhD and am adaptable to a range of projects, from optimizing well locations by computer simulation to writing promotional content for conferences, from building a water treatment unit to building duck coops, and from troubleshooting lab tests to fixing cars. I'm confident in my ability to adapt and succeed.

In the wake of Hurricane Laura, overnight I built a custom map to help evacuees, residents, workers, volunteers, and donors find what they needed: gas, ice, food, and more. My team mapped over 1,000 resource locations and had over 40,000 map views in six weeks.

At Evonik I led a team to generate leads, build relationships, probe needs, and guide chemists and engineers. I also wrote promotional content, helped design marketing materials, and both attended and helped plan conferences. I did product development including developing customer relationships, not just gaining sales leads like most business development managers.

At ExxonMobil I applied computer modeling to make better decisions about where and how to drill oil and gas wells. I got vice presidents to agree on a $70 million well. My oil viscosity data contributed to huge projects (e.g. $4 billion). I worked with programmers and guided labwork (3 patents). I did research of reservoir engineering using in-house software, in contrast to the production forecasting and reserves reporting using commercial software that's listed in most reservoir engineer job postings.

I'm hunting for a new role with technical responsibility (oil/gas or chemistry) and possibly also market/customer responsibility. Recently, I have been interested in technical, commercial, and combination roles, e.g. Research Scientist, Research Advisor, Process Safety Engineer, Senior Technical Service Specialist, Product Manager, Sr. Scientist in New Business Development, and Business Development Manager. Returning to Reservoir Engineering would also be great.

For details, please contact me (770-853-6478, or keep reading!






Evonik Cyro LLC, Houston, TX 2017−2019

Business Development Manager, Methacrylates

Managed a suite of over a dozen oil and gas business opportunities, including identification, prioritization, and progression as appropriate. Drove market, business, technical, and manufacturing aspects through stage-gate process. Handled third-party testing, NDAs, consulting, and sponsored research agreements with IP licensing.
● Strategic planning and promotion for the EOGIT (Evonik Oil & Gas Industry Team), directly with VP for NBD, for technical conferences, trade shows, and the headline biennial event, the Evonik Oil and Gas Symposium.
● Delivered technical and market training in E&P applications.
● Developed collateral in coordination with internal stakeholders and external designers. 
● Wrote promotional content for trade publications, conference listings, email campaigns, etc.
● Technology areas include drilling fluids, completion and stimulation fluids, friction reducer, production chemicals, scale inhibitor, wax inhibitor, and drag reducer.

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Houston, TX

Senior Research Engineer

Reservoir engineering in conventional and unconventional fields, supporting asset development and acquisition.
Worked in closely integrated teams applying reservoir simulation, completions engineering, data analytics, and geoscience. Managed division’s research through stage-gate process. Improved technical basis for opportunity evaluations of gasflooding, polymer flooding, coreflooding, and novel tight gas recovery processes. Mitigated operational risks through reviews of high-temperature equipment and pressure relief systems on division’s Design Safety Committee. Drove laboratory research of light and heavy oil recovery, developing new recovery processes. 
● Forecasted performance for evaluations of two major Canadian properties (600,000 acres).
● Supported development decisions through improved modeling of unconventional oil reservoirs ($2,000,000,000 investment in Bakken field).
● Achieved drillwell approval for conventional offshore Angola well ($70,000,000 decision).
● Improved Gulf of Mexico and Middle Eastern developments by fluid property modeling ($4,000,000,000 investment in Julia field).

Awards and Certifications

● Three US patents: 8656996, 8657000, and 8739869. 2014
● Safety leader of the year for ExxonMobil URC Reservoir Division. 2008
● US National Chemistry Olympiad Team and Study Camp. 1996
● Valedictorian and SAT score 1600/1600 (Brookwood High School, Snellville GA). 1996
● Eagle Scout with three palms, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 65. 1992


Reservoir simulation, e.g. CMG IMEX, GEM, & CMOST, & Kappa Ecrin suite
PVT / thermodynamic property modeling
Instrumental analysis, e.g. GC/MS, LC, UV-VIS, TEM, DLS, IFT, DP-OCT, DSC, TGA, spectroscopy, fluorescence, turbidity, & electrophoresis
Structure-property relationships
Surfactant design and evaluation
High-pressure equipment and relief systems
Polymer chemistry & engineering (thermoplastic & thermoset resins)
Surface chemistry of metal oxide powders, including dispersibility coatings & testing


The University of Texas at Austin 2006

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering ​(GPA 4.00/4.00)

Dissertation: Stabilization of Dispersions in Carbon Dioxide and in Other Low-Permittivity Media.
● National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
● Published 4 original research articles in peer-reviewed journals.
● Designed polymeric and ionic surfactants for liquid and supercritical CO​ 2​ (5000 psi / 35 atm). 
● Created and characterized microemulsions, emulsions, and other dispersions in non-polar fluids.
● Built electrophoresis and laser diffraction measurement equipment.

Graduate Teaching Assistant
● Instructed students in thermodynamics and in unit operations special projects lab.
● Represented school through community outreach (Explore UT).

The Georgia Institute of Technology 2000

B.S. Chemical Engineering ​(GPA 4.00/4.00)

Certificate in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

Certificate in Economics

● Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Cup (equivalent of valedictorian).
● President's Scholar with Faculty Honors every term.
● Undergraduate research: Laboratory analysis of organic synthesis reactions in near-critical water.