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  • Sarah Schultz




Cell Phone: (936)520-6585




Versatile Petroleum Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the petroleum industry, with an emphasis on hydraulic fracturing and completion operations in both conventional and unconventional extended reach multi-stage horizontal wells. 


2019 – Current Completions Consultant – FRAC TO FLOW CONSULTING, Houston, TX

  • Owner
  • Established LLC in order to continue various projects for NCS as well as secure contracts with outside clients
  • Contracted with Aker-BP in Stavanger, Norway and involved full-time supporting a project in the North Sea as a Frac Engineer
    • Real time minifrac analysis
    • Real time pump schedule adjustments
    • Frac crew management
    • Frac fluid optimization


2016 – 2019    Frac Engineer – NCS MULTISTAGE, Houston, TX

  • Worked as a technical advisor for both clients and sales teams in all business units, including international and offshore projects
  • Analyzed all bottom hole gauge data utilizing Gopher, composed reports and presented them to both US and international clients
  • Recommended optimal sleeve spacing and pumping schedule changes based on gauge data and post treatment examinations
  • Assisted field operations personnel as a mentor when difficulties arose completing a well, such as formation breakdown issues and/or screenouts
  • Wrote and implemented internal frac theory education classes for field and sales personnel


2010 – 2016    Completion / Frac Engineer – APEX PETROLEUM ENGINEERING / SIGMA3 INTEGRATED RESERVOIR SOLUTIONS, Englewood, CO and Houston, TX

  • Worked as a Completion Engineer for Advanced Energy Partners, in charge of reviewing completions in the Permian basin and compiling a database for their upcoming drilling campaign
  • BHP Billiton – In Office Completion Engineer
    • Managed multiple simultaneous completions in the Haynesville Shale of north Louisiana
    • Also worked as a Completion Engineer for BHP’s properties in the Eagle Ford Shale of south Texas
    • Additional completion experience in dealing with toe initiators, frac diversion techniques, cased hole logging (CBL, caliper, production, and tracer logs) in vertical and horizontal wellbores, CT and wireline trouble shooting, fishing with CT, wireline, and braided line.
    • Co-authored the Field Operations Manual for the Haynesville Shale
    • Co-authored the BHP Billiton Basis of Well Designs for the Eagle Ford, Permian, Fayetteville and Haynesville production units
    • Analyzed various proppant conductivities as related to production in the Eagle Ford Shale using FracPRO
    • Implemented the use of Schlumberger’s diverter material (TFS) to increase stage length, thereby reducing completion costs
    • Assisted in the application of high temperature CMHPG fracturing fluid to field operations
    • Helped implement BHP’s first slick water Eagle Ford completion
  • Performed frac engineering duties including on-site, quality assurance/quality control & real-time evaluation and implementation of hydraulic fracturing treatments including real-time net pressure evaluation of fracture treatments
  • Completion experience in the Monterey, Haynesville, Fayetteville, Bakken, Niobrara, Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford, and Permian plays
  • Performed various petroleum engineering technical work such as reviewed well files, prepared graphical presentations of oil and natural gas production for individual wells or groups of wells, and/or prepared computer and written presentations documenting well/reservoir performance
  • Wrote technical reports that documented the design and evaluation of hydraulic fracture stimulation treatments on oil and gas wells
  • Assisted in reservoir evaluations to determine the optimum completion techniques for oil and gas wells including computer generated reservoir simulations


2008 - 2010     Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Field Engineer – BJ SERVICES, Bakersfield, CA

  • Responsible for all quality assurance/quality control of fluids, chemicals and proppant
  • Frac equipment rig-up
  • Real-time hydraulic fracture stimulation monitoring and redesign utilizing FracPro (Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Software)
  • Remote data transmission
  • Compose post job reports


2005 – 2008    Associate Chemist (Fracturing Fluids) – BJ SERVICES, Tomball, TX

  • Conducted research and development of new fracturing fluids
  • New product validation
  • Rheology equipment development and modification
  • QC procedure development
  • Composed field mixing instructions
  • Conducted new product field trials
  • Resolved technical field requests
  • Research project management
  • Patent development
  • Weekly equipment calibration and rebuilding when necessary




Bachelor of Science -- Chemistry, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX - 2003




Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work with customers and multiple teams in various disciplines


Strong computer skills including EXCEL, Spotfire and Word applications, with the ability to learn new software programs as required


Good organizational and communication skills and strong technical writing skills


Computer literate: Microsoft Office, Spotfire, DIAdem, Fracture Stimulation Software:  StimWell, Gohfer, FracPRO, FracCADE and Myers, Reservoir Modeling Software:  Fekete 




Society of Petroleum Engineers


American Petroleum Institute






References available upon request




Houston, TX