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  • Ramon Ruiz
    (346) 325-8695


Petroleum Engineer with 12+ years of experience in the exploitation and study of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Solid knowledge in proposals for drilling, completion and workover of oil and gas wells. Experience in artificial lift systems for the optimal production of hydrocarbon wells. Economic analysis of projects in the petroleum area.




PDVSA, San Tomé, Venezuela 11/2005 -03/2018

Senior Reservoir Engineer – Reserves Management Orinoco Oil Belt, Carabobo Division 12/2016 - 03/2018

• Developed a static and dynamic study of the OFIM CNX-3 unconventional reservoir in conjunction with the Integrated Studies and the Reservoir Management teams in order to update its reserves. Obtained an update and increase of Recovery Factor of 2%, proved reserves of 1,043 MMBBLs of oil and 247 BCF of gas at the end of the study.

• Managed and updated the data of 135 reservoirs with different types of fluids, associated with the Carabobo Division with proved reserves of 4,885 MMBBLs of oil and 2,079 BCF of gas once every year. Made technical reports.

Senior Reservoir Engineer – Well Reactivation Project, Orinoco Oil Belt, Ayacucho Division 03/2014 - 12/2016

• Evaluated a project for the reactivation of 595 wells in the Orinoco Oil Belt, through Workover work, Cabilleros, Coiled Tubing and adaptation of surface facilities. Estimated budget of $411 millions.

• Designed a project with the Halliburton company for the reactivation of 10 wells through Workover works with a potential of 700 BBLs/d of oil and 2,250 MCF/d.

• Provided technical support with petroleum engineering principles to solve problems within a multidisciplinary team such as Production, Optimization, Reservoir Engineering and Geology, which allowed the review and updating of information from 800 candidate wells.

Reservoir Engineering Supervisor - Reservoirs Management, San Tomé Gas Production 03/2008 - 03/2014

• Supervised and trained 4 junior reservoir engineers to achieve success in reservoir management. The assigned fields cover an area of 85,251 acres, 90 active wells and with a production of 8,000 BBLs/d of oil and 28 MMCF/d of gas.

• Designed and executed more than 120 Workover programs to intervene inactive and active wells with low production, for the maintenance of the production of the fields, generating more than 14,400 barrels of oil.

• Developed exploitation plans to take advantage of the oil and gas production potential of the fields, with an economic horizon of 20 years. Planned a production profile with a potential of 138 MMCF/d of gas and 6,000 BBLs/d of oil, supported in workover and drilling work.

• Executed 2 workovers successfully at wells with low potential, to transform them from producers to water injectors, in order to attack the problem of handling 3,000 BBLs of water at the NED-09 Discharge Station associated with a daily production of 5,000 BBLs of oil.

• Developed programs for the drilling of development wells, minor work proposals for the reactivation of production and capture of static pressure / temperature data in oil and gas reservoirs.

Reservoir Engineer – Reservoirs Management, Orinoco Oil Belt, Ayacucho Division 11/2005 - 03/2008

• Participated in more than 250 well operation activities, including drilling, repairs, stimulation, coiled tubing, electrical records, static pressure registers, P&A, among other activities.

• Supported and intervened in multidisciplinary teams for reservoir analysis of more than 150 reservoirs.

• Developed proposals for 30 workover, 20 minor works and 40 information capture (pressure and temperature) in oil and gas wells.

• Generated and revised technical reports of the operational activities.

• Correlated and shooteded oil/gas sands, run electrical logs, installed iron plugs for the abandonment of non-profitable prospects, evaluated on-site oil and gas sands.

• Generated Production Forecasts and Economic Analysis for more than 250 wells.

Awards and Certifications

• Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets. Duke University, Coursera, 2020.
• Diplomat of Engineering of Detail and Simulation of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. Universidad de Los Andes (ULA), Venezuela, 2014.
• Integrated Management of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. CENADEP, C.A, Venezuela, 2014.
• Workshop on Monitoring, Planning, Control and Effective Communication. PDVSA, Venezuela, 2013
• Paraffins, Asphaltenes and mineral inlays in crude. KNOWLEDGE GROUP, Venezuela, 2012
• Progressive Cavity Pumping. SERCONETT, Venezuela, 2012
• Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Reserves. SERCONETT, Venezuela, 2011
• Interpretation of well profiles. ETC, Venezuela, 2008
• Practical Analysis of Pressure Testing. SAPIENCE, Venezuela, 2008.
• Oil Field Manager Intermediate-Advance. PDVSA, Venezuela, 2008.
• Mechanical Pumping for Engineers. PDVSA, Venezuela, 2007.
• Nodal Analysis. PDVSA, Venezuela, 2007.
• Well stimulation. Aspects of Reservoir Engineering. SAPIENCE, Venezuela, 2007
• Selection of Sand Control Grids. SCHLUMBERGER, Venezuela, 2007.
• Flexible Pipe Services for Oil Well Intervention. SSO Company, Venezuela, 2006.
• Gas Engineering Level I and II, PDVSA, Venezuela, 2006.
• Course of Qualified Knowledge in Production Engineering. Zona de Adiestramiento & Consultores, S.A. Venezuela, 2005
• Interpretation and applications of conventional profiles in characterization of reservoirs. Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela, 2003.
• Practices aimed at the optimization of the acquisition, management and analysis of cores for purposes of petrophysical characterization. Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela, 2003.
• Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers.


• Identification of both drilling and workover opportunities.
• Characterization dynamic and static of reservoirs.
• Economic evaluation, cash flow analysis.
• Forecast future production for oil and gas fields.
• Databases management.
• Languages: English and Spanish
• Software used: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), ARIES, Petrel, Pipesim, MBAL, Eclipse, OFM, ORACLE Crystal Ball, IBM SPSS Statistics, Surfer 8.0, and PRO II.


Master of Science (MS), Administrative Science, Mention Finance, 2017
UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE, Barcelona, Venezuela.
One of the most important universities of Venezuela, located in Eastern Venezuela and the main autonomous university institution dedicated to teaching and research in the north-east of the country, especially in science and technology.

Specialized Engineering, Petroleum studies in Surface Facilities, 2011
The IFP School is a graduate engineering school, is part of the IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) French public-sector research and training center.

Bachelor of Science (BS), Petroleum engineer, 2005
UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE, Barcelona, Venezuela.
One of the most important universities of Venezuela, located in Eastern Venezuela and the main autonomous university institution dedicated to teaching and research in the north-east of the country, especially in science and technology.