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  • Turker Karaman
    (936) 697-9714


Turker Karaman has 24 years of achievement and success in reservoir engineering and well test data acquisition. He focuses on results with a consistent record of exceeding standards. He is adept at gathering data and translating complex analyses into clear, highly accurate reports for senior decision makers and key business stakeholders. He has a history of superior performance in all facets of oil and gas production, with talents in customer/vendor communications, outstanding negotiation, presentation, and analytical skills with unique interpersonal abilities, pilot program implementation, project oversight, and engineering training. He has been involved in the CCS efforts for CO2 injection and storage projects.




Houston, TX


Halliburton: Oct 2011 - Apr 2024
Expro: Jun 2006 - Oct 2011
Turkish Petroleum Corporation: Jun 1999- Jun 2006

Onshore Turkey
Offshore Angola
Offshore South Africa
Offshore/Onshore Western Australia
Onshore South Australia
Onshore Queensland
Onshore USA

Awards and Certifications

2023 The Data Science Course: Complete Data Science Bootcamp, Online Training 2023 Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning, Online Training
2022 Project Management Fundamentals, Houston, TX
2022 Python for Data Science, AI & Development, Online Training
2020 Advanced Business Acquisition Process, Houston, TX, USA
2020 Advanced GOHFER, Houston, TX, USA
2019 Unconventional Well Completion Strategies, Houston, TX, USA
2019 Principles of Hydraulic Fracturing, GOHFER & Predict-K, Houston, TX, USA 2019 Proppant Stimulation Design, Houston, TX, USA
2019 Formation Evaluation, Houston, TX, USA
2019 Log Analysis for Stimulation Design, Houston, TX, USA
2018 TIBCO Spotfire, Online Training
2018 Petroleum Systems of Unconventional Reservoirs, Houston, TX, USA
2018 Reservoir Engineering for Stimulation Design, Houston, TX, USA
2018 Data Mining Benchmarking and Data Analysis, Houston, TX, USA
2016 Course on Reciprocal Productivity Index Method, Houston, TX, USA
2015 SPE Workshop, “Reservoir Testing to Add Production Value”, Putrajaya-Malaysia
2015 LEAD (Leadership, Exploration And Development) Training, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia
2014 SPE Forum Series in APAC, “High CO2 and H2S Gas Fields Development”, Bali-Indonesia 2013 SPIDR Workshop and Business Development Training, Houston-USA
2013 Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop, Perth-Australia
2013 Armada Bottom Hole Sampling System, Labuan-Malaysia
2012 Kappa – Ecrin 4.20, Perth-Australia
2012 Halliburton Surface Data Acquisition Systems, Carrollton-USA
2011 IWCF – Well Intervention Pressure Control: Level 2, Perth-Australia
2011 Down Hole Video: DHV Training Course, Perth-Australia
2009 KINLEY: Microscopic, Base Line & Mega Data Calipers, DigiCal & KVCR, Regular & Senior
Perforators, Power Jar and Sand Line Cutter Training Course, Houston-USA
2007 ROXAR: Multiphase Training Course, Bergen-Norway
2007 Norwegian Society of Oil and Gas Measurement: Metering & Multiphase Metering, Bergen-Norway 2006 FE2 Cased Hole Training School, Aberdeen-UK2006 Monte Carlo Simulation, Ankara-Turkey
2005 Mature Oil Field Development, Ankara-Turkey
2005 Fundamentals of Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media, Ankara-Turkey 2005 Reservoir Characterization, Ankara-Turkey
2004 TS-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, Ankara-Turkey 2003 Advanced Well Test Analysis, Ankara-Turkey
2001 Log Interpretation and Usage in Reservoir Engineering, Ankara-Turkey


Engineering: Production Analysis, Rate & Pressure transient analysis (RTA/PTA), decline curve analysis (DCA), Drill Stem Test (DST) analysis, Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT) Analysis, Injection Fall-off test design and analysis, Well Performance Analysis, Open Hole Well Log interpretation, well test design, implementation, and analysis, oil & gas field re-evaluation, enhanced oil recovery techniques (steam injection, in situ combustion, CO2 & water injection, water alternating gas injection), reserve estimation, acidizing operational planning, rate of return analysis, production monitoring, surface sampling, field operations, economic analysis (PHDWin), offset competitor analysis by using the public domain (ie. Prism & Drillinginfo by Enverus),Tools: Amethyste by Kappa, DecisionSpace Petrophysics by Landmak, Tibco Spotfire, GOHFER (3D Grid Oriented Hydraulic Fracture Simulator) QGIS Geographic Information System, QuikLook Reservoir Simulator by Halliburton Landmark, Topaze by Kappa, PVTSim, RPI (Reciprocal Productivity Index) by PSI (Performance Sciences Inc), Saphir by KAPPA, MinFrac (DFIT/Minifrac Analysis Suite by Baker Hughes Inc – Meyer Fracturing Software Group), Prosper by PETEX, SPIDR – FlowCom, OFM, Insite (Halliburton Database), Sentry (Halliburton Surface Well Test DAQ Software), EDGE DAQ System (Expro Data Gathering Equipment – EDGE System), Memory Reader, Midi2 memory gauges, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point), MS Project, MS Visio, NanGall memory gauges & MPLT Tools, Reporting programs (Dataman2, Report2), ROXAR Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) data gathering software (Topside), Solo Tools & Solo Utilities, SparGauge, Spartek memory gauges, ToolBox & Graph-Canada Tech memory gauges, Unisoft & Unilog, INSITE (Data Base Management Software), Sentry (Data Gathering Software)Programming: Artificial Neural Networks, Delphi, Pascal, Fortran, Statistica, GPSS, SPSS, MATLAB, Python


Ph.D., 19–Feb–2009
M.Sc., 25–Apr–2002
B.Sc., 28–Jun–1998
in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.