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  • Erik Pienknagura


I am a recent graduate looking for my first industry job and next challenge. 


I can say I am very professional about my work, detailed oriented and inquisitive. This has led me to do some interesting projects related to mechanical, electrical, automotive, automation and petroleum engineering. My latest project was my masters research, where I build a 45ft digital rod pump. While it is an oil & gas topic, I had to design, calculate static and dynamic forces, fluid dynamics, learn automation, and understand the electrical necessities of the project. In a little more than a year, the project was a success as 3 students joined the project and are developing their own research. Also presented and had 2 publications in engineering journals. This can be applied to any job I will be facing in Koch, as not only do I have the analytical capacity, but I can adapt and learn complex topics. I aim to do meaningful work and create value from what I've learned.


Houston, Tx


Feb 2018 – May 2019 Lead Researcher | University of Oklahoma (OU) Drilling Vibrations Laboratories
•Led a new production research branch at the university to develop technologies in automation, IoT, and production optimization, resulting in the construction of a digital 45ft sucker rod pump.
•Designed the new structure and coded the program in LabVIEW, problem-solving every step of the process, and futureproofing which allowed 3 new students to continue the research and add their skills to the project.
•Secured along with my mentor +25,000 dollars from private companies that allowed us to buy improved equipment and built this unique digital machine.
•Presented and Authored in the biggest petroleum engineering event the 2018 SPE ATCE and co-authored a publication for the 2020 July Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering edition.

Jan 2016 – Feb 2017 Research Assistant | Institute for Applied Surfactant Research at OU
•Tested and determined conditions for surfactant injection and enhanced recovery to solve field problems and minimize cost for companies using the products.
•Increased testing efficiency by reducing testing time from 4 to 2.5 months using time-lapse photography allowing to test more products in a year.
•Analyzed dozens of field samples for environmental recovery treatments within a few days, making us a great option for private and state entities with time-sensitive schedules.

Dec 2019- Mar 2020 Volunteer | SPE Gulf Coast Section
•Participated as part of the planning committee and worked along with remarkable leadership that allowed us to secure funding and participation of several sized companies.
•Contacted companies and engineers to participate and/or give sponsorship to the event, resulting in more than 25 companies signing for the event.
•The event had to be rescheduled because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Jun 2018 – May 2019 Industry Education Chair | SPE Student Chapter at OU
•Acted as leader of the industry outreach to find engineers and companies through networking to facilitate a visit to their companies and learn about what they do for the oil and gas industry.
•Though teamwork alongside SPE, other universities, students, and companies, I performed 4 tours and gained experience in marketing, managed to increase numbers on each tour reaching 30 participants on the last tour.

Awards and Certifications

Dean’s Honor Roll (3 years)
OU MCEE Scholarship (2 years)
SPE OU Chair
Oct 2018 Artificial Lift with Apergy
May 2018 National Oilwell Varco Drilling Simulator at OU
Aug 2017 Wild Well Control


CMG, VBA, Petrel, LabVIEW, Building Computers, AutoCAD, Kappa Software, Workshop Equipment, PIPESIM, R Programming Language, Automotive Mechanical, Interactive Petrophysics, OLGA Schlumberger Software.


May 2019 University of Oklahoma (OU) | Norman, OK
Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, GPA: 3.64 / 4
OU MCEE Scholarship
May 2018 University of Oklahoma (OU) | Norman, OK
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, GPA: 3.56 / 4
Dean’s Honor Roll (3 years)
OU MCEE Scholarship (2 years)
Study Abroad
May 2018 China University of Petroleum in China: Advancements in Jun 2017 Oil & Gas University of Ploiesti in Romania: Monitoring, May 2017 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain: Shale Oil and