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  • Hector Ruiz


Production technologist with strong reservoir engineering background seeking to apply and provide knowledge transfer of his 25+ global experience  to increase production and recoverable reserves of oil and gas fields.

Production Optimization: Delivered fast-track production incremental implementations in Kuwait, Emirates, Angola, Argelia, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

Knowledge Transfer: Teaching courses of Reservoir and production technologies for field engineers, Well productivity and enhancement, Nodal analyses and Decline curve analysis, and Well transient test analysis and design.



Houston - Texas


Schlumberger - Consultant Production Enhancement 6/1997 to 1/ 2019

• Delivered wells and injection network modeling for Burgan field in KOC, Kuwait.
• Selected well candidates for workover to enhance production in KOC border fields.
• Delivery fast-track production optimization recommendations in KOC Kuwait.
• Proper artificial lift system implementation study for ADNOC-Abu Dhabi
• Project manager of re-activation of inactive wells study for ADCO in Abu Dabhi.
• Delivery ESP’s diagnostics analysis and opportunities in ESP’s to Chevron-Angola.
• Taught productivity and production enhancement course to Chevron-Nigeria.
• Director of Curriculum of Houston Engineering Training Center. 2 years accountable for the organization and delivery of courses for Schlumberger field engineers.
• Senior Consultant Production Engineer for Pemex-Mexico. Part of a multidisciplinary team, to study and implement the right completion and well productivity increase. Delivery productivity enhancement courses in mature fields to asset engineers.
• Project to re-activation inactive wells and water conformance for Repsol in Argentina.
• Senior Secondee Production Engineer for FDP-Sibneft Russia. 3 years as Production Technologist of a multidisciplinary team in charge of the field development plan of low permeability oil reservoirs. SPE paper No. 103987.
• Senior Consultant Reservoir and Production Engineer for PDVSA Venezuela. 5 years
• Served in a multidisciplinary team evaluating reserves in oil and gas reservoirs. Candidate well selection and execution of 50 wells for fracture stimulation in Lake Maracaibo.

Ecopetrol Colombia - Reservoir Engineer 12/1989 to 5/ 1997
• Accountable for delivery with a multidisciplinary team the reservoir management, oil reserves and simulation of Putumayo Basin fields in Colombia.
• Planning, supervising and interpreting the pressure transient test of exploration wells.

OXY Colombia - Production Engineer 7/1986 to 6/1988
• Supervising wells production and surface facilities operations of oil and gas fields.

Awards and Certifications

Won the reservoir Symposium in Abu Dhabi, Business relevance - team work, "Reactivation of inactive strings on BAB field for ADCO” 2015.

Won the reservoir Symposium in Angola, team work, "Artificial Lift Surveillance, Analysis and Optimization Drive The Reservoir Management of Oil Fields in Angola", 2012.

Performed by Schlumberger, Bronze Medal. The joint Sibneft/Schlumberger Engineering Team in Russia. 2002

Recognition, Letter from Sibneft Company to DCS president for contribution to enhancement oil production and implementation of advanced technologies in Russia. 2005


Reservoir management, Field development plans, Integrated Reservoir studies, Asset Evaluations, Production Enhancement, Nodal Analysis, Pressure and rate transient analysis, Hydraulic fracturing, Artificial lift optimization, Workover well selection, Production Optimization in On-shore and Off-shore assets and Economical and risk analysis.

Language Skills: Fluently in English and Spanish.

Software Skills: Pipesim, Wellflo, Eclipse, OFM, MBAL, Saphire, PanSystem, Crystal Ball, Microsoft Suite.


• M.S. Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
• B.S. Petroleum Engineering, UIS, Colombia