Soham Pandya - Petroleum Engineer + Data & Business Analyst

Resume Information


A competent professional with PhD in Petroleum Engineering and MS in Analytics with over 5 years’ combined experience in drilling and completions and aptitude for data analytics, business strategizing and sales supportResilient, curious & creative with an aptitude for problem solving using innovative techniques. A highly collaborative team player with excellent organizational, time management and interpersonal skills that allow me to add value to the projects with a sense of urgency & communicate technical solutions to external clients effectively.

Houston, TX - Oklahoma City, OK - Denver, CO - Dallas, TX
SALT & LIGHT ENERGY EQUIPMENT (Dallas/Midland, TX, 2020 to Present) – Data Engineer (Completions Operations) • Developed 2 data dashboard involving analysis of over 50 different metrics using various tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire & SQL to aid technical sales of product and services and analyze the real-time efficiency of completions operations. • Conducted weekly sales meeting with clients to pitch products that solve the client problems. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (Norman, OK, 2017 to 2019) – Graduate Teaching Assistant (Drilling, Completions & Production) • Conducted comprehensive training & mentoring in the areas of Fracturing, Acidizing, Drilling & Production Engineering and successfully guided 100+ students with their completions & drilling related assignments. SPINNAKER OILFIELD SERVICES (El Reno, OK, 2017 to 2018) – Cementing Services Support • Implemented new slurry blends with 100% accuracy to meet well requirements for over 150 wells and tested each blend for proper quality through various lab experiments according to systematic industry standards and processes. • Developed automated in-house database management portal using VBA, MatLAB and Python based on large and complex data driven modeling - reducing the time required for entry, update and retrieval of records by 80%. RKI CENTER FOR CREATION OF ECONOMIC WEALTH (Norman, OK, 2017 to 2018) – Interdisciplinary Analyst • Consulted for a California-based firm, HydroVirga, to conduct a $63 million market analysis, sales research, business model & profit trajectory ($3 million profit projection) in a client-facing role for a novel DOE-patented NMR machine. • Responsibilities included conducting number of sales interviews, customer pitches and public presentations. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (Norman, OK, 2013 to 2016) – Graduate Research Assistant • Provided distinctive leadership on research related to fluid dynamics of drilling, completion & stimulation operations; the results of which were directly incorporated into industrial software to improve operational efficiency. • Developed experimental data driven software allowing for 100% accurate hydraulics calculations. ESSAR OIL (India, 2011 to 2013) – Stimulation Engineer and Assistant Manager • Played a vital role in the design and execution of over 300 hydraulic fracturing operations, leading the creation and delivery of over 100 wellbore cleanouts, wiper trips and zonal isolations; enhanced average well production by 30%. • Optimized operations through systematic scheduling, cost estimates, creation of AFEs and post job economic analysis to increase overall savings by 60%.
- Hydraulic Fracturing - Coiled Tubing Research - Data Analytics (Python, R, SQL) - Process Optimization - Drilling Technologies - Completion Strategies - Reservoir Management - Production Profile - Well Stimulation Design and Analysis - Data Driven Modeling - Industry Software (Petra, Pipesim, FracPro, Gohfer, FracCade, Eclipse, CMG) - Coding Expertise (Python, VBA, R, Matlab) - PVT Analysis - Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics - Business Acumen - Multidisciplinary Client Facing Project Expertise - Engineering Optimization and System Design - Research and Development - Cost Analysis - Operations Management
PhD in Petroleum Engineering University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Graduated - December 2019 (GPA – 3.9/4.0) Master of Science in Analytics The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, GA In Process - April 2021 Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Graduated - April 2016 Bachelor of Technology in Petroleum Engineering School of Petroleum Technology, India Graduated - July 2011