Aguirre, Omar

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Highly motivated Petrophysicist with strong technical experience in clastic and carbonate reservoirs working across a broad range of operational and reservoir description roles. Expertise in exploration and development stages and experience in conventional and unconventional (shaley-sand, naturally fractured, shale gas/oil and tight sand) reservoirs. Successful record of work on international projects for the Exploration Appraisal and Business Development teams in several unconventional shale gas/oil and tight gas/oil sand projects including several US, Mexican, Colombian, Argentinean and Bolivian basins.  Solid technical and team-oriented skills with demonstrated success in complex lithology reservoirs in onshore and offshore basins, integrated reservoir characterization projects and field development and well workovers.

Katy, Texas
• Lewis Energy Group, San Antonio, Texas - USA Apr-2018 – Apr-2020 Senior Petrophysicist (Geology & Reservoir Management) • BP, Houston, Texas - USA Jan-2011 – Mar-2018 Senior Petrophysicist (South Texas and Midcontinent Business Units – BP L48) • Repsol YPF - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009 – Dec-2010 Senior Petrophysicist (Exploration Management) • Repsol YPF - Neuquén, Argentina 2007 - 2008 Senior Petrophysicist (Operational Team of the Exploration Management) • Repsol YPF - Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2002 - 2006 Petrophysicist (Development and Exploration Management) • Andina S.A., Santa Cruz, Bolívia 1997 - 2002 Log Analyst
• Advanced petrophysical evaluation in conventional and unconventional complex lithology reservoirs. Experience with siliciclastic and carbonate reservoirs including shaley-sand, shale oil and gas, tight gas/oil sand, and naturally fractured reservoirs. • Integration of core, log, and fluid data to deliver a comprehensive reservoir description analysis. • Experience in petrophysical operations, including: designing coring, wireline and logging while drilling programs, and witnessing logging/coring operations. • Strong knowledge in log quality control procedures, processing and interpreting logging data. • Experience working with RCA and SCAL to aid well-log interpretation, including a deep understanding of core analysis techniques in shale source rock reservoirs. • Rock typing, permeability predictions and saturation height modeling. • Computing and integrating geomechanical/petrophysical properties to optimize the placement of completion fracture stages and perforation clusters in horizontal wells. • Coaching/Mentoring early career petrophysicists in the evaluation of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. • Compiling and sharing good practices and formation evaluation techniques with other petrophysicists, communities of practice, and partners.
Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering, Universidad Autónoma Gabriel Rene Moreno, Santa Cruz-Bolivia