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  • Yabsira Adera
    (832) 249-0471




Federal Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), GA 2022 – Present
Lead and mentor team of public affairs specialists to attain objectives. Coordinate media coverage for various local events, including organizing press conferences and town hall meetings. Provide aid to calamity victims through SBA loan program in partnerships with local governments, chambers of commerce, and emergency management agencies. Produce and present daily activity reports to agency executives highlighting team achievements and key metrics.
• Collaborated with local media outlets to generate broad exposure for agency's loan program through television/media interviews, social media promotion, public speeches, and community events.
• Facilitated delivery of $90M+ in disaster loan assistance to individuals affected by natural disasters, helping agency program receive widespread publicity.
• Enhanced employee performance by 20% through initiating performance management system.
• Saved 50 businesses struggling with employee retention and financial mismanagement by implementing agency’s economic injury program.

Communications Manager, Workers Defense Project, TX 2021 – 2022

Formulated agendas and conducted meetings between county and the coalition. Advocated to Department of Economic Equity and Opportunity to promote essential worker-friendly policies in Harris County. Developed nation’s first-ever Essential Worker's Board by cooperating with Harris County Commissioners Court.
• Crafted bylaws to secure better wages and working conditions for over 200,000 laborers in Harris County.
• Orchestrated 10+ successful public affairs campaigns that garnered 4k + impressions and engaged 200+ participants.
• Boosted the company’s online media presence, achieving an increase in organic web traffic and a rise in social media engagement.
• Reduced workplace injuries through introduction of safety training classes for workers.

Communication Analyst, Houston City Council, TX 2018 – 2020

Contributed to case hearings and provided concise summaries of facts and conclusions to Mayor Pro Tem. Attended regular council meetings to witness Mayor and Council ordinance adoption. Resolved constituent concerns by redirecting issues to respective departments. Prepared and distributed council agendas by collaborating with staff members.
• Cultivated relationship with journalist, leading to increase in positive media coverage.
• Administered policy development to enhance city infrastructure, resulting in 30% reduction in potholes and improvement in roadways.
• Introduced a new media tracking system that enhanced reporting accuracy and provided clearer insights into campaigns.
• Increased employee productivity by implementing performance appraisal system.


♦ Media Relations
♦ Radio Interviews
♦ TV Interviews
♦ Press Release ♦ Project & Change Management
♦ Regulatory Compliance
♦ Program Development
♦ Performance Management ♦ Team Leadership & Support
♦ Public Relation (PR)
♦ Strategic Planning & Execution
♦ Cross-functional Collaboration


Master of Public Administration | Texas State University, TX
GPA: 3.9 | Relevant Courses: Introduction to Public Policy, Administration, Environmental Policy, Public Performance Management, Public Personnel Administration, Texas Water Law and Policy, Public Management and Ethics.
Bachelor of Arts in Government and Sociology | Connecticut College, CT
GPA: 3.82 | Honors: Dean’s High Honors, PI SIGMA ALPHA
Selected Scholar: Holleran Center for Public Action
Relevant Courses: Ocean Law and Policy, US Government and Politics, International Politics, Anthropology Power and Inequality, Presidential Primaries, Intro to Statistics, Global Islamic Studies, Modern Middle Eastern Studies, Intro to Sociology, The European Union, Intro to Italian, Environmental Science, Italian II, Global Justice, Sociology of Health, and Public Policy.