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  • Jesus Sanguinetti
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Oilfield Services Manager | Project Manager | Competency Development | Quality Auditor

International leader with strategic view and ambition for excellent results. Skilled in leading local and dispersed teams to deliver results on time. Patient, good listener focused, and determined. Looking forward to continuing growing professionally in an environment of mutual respect and care for quality and details.


Houston, Tx


Schlumberger, D&M, Sugar Land, TX
D&M Operations System Development Manager, July 2018 – August 2020
Development and implementation of long-term projects aimed at reducing non-productive time financial losses due to service quality events at field locations covering directional drilling and measurements while drilling operations.

• Re-engineered the Damage Re-Bill process reducing the money leaks due to damages to assets not recharged to clients. Increased recovery rate from 10% worldwide to 16% ($3.6 million) in four months of application.
• Implemented the new competency system aligned to API Q2, ISO/TS 1796, and IOGP 457, 501, 502, and 503 for field personnel of the product line. Reduced field competency non-productive time by 54% with the implementation of the system in the first six months of deployment, equivalent to savings of $100k a month.
• Developed and implemented Standard Work Instructions for 40 directional drilling and MLWD technologies of Schlumberger D&M. Non-productive time due to procedural adherence and procedural errors was reduced by 48% in 2019 vs 2018 with equivalent savings of $318k, and 87% by Q1 2020 vs 2019 with equivalent savings of $270k quarter on quarter.

D&M Operations System, Competency Manager, September 2015 – July 2018
Development of a new competency system for field personnel based on the Schlumberger Competency Management framework aligned to API Q2, ISO/TS 1796, and IOGP 457, 501, 501, and 503.

• Managed all development aspects of the new competency system for the product line in Drilling and Measurements and Geoservices including 15 elements for mudlogging services and 100 elements for directional drilling and measurements/logging while drilling.
• Developed and deployed business processes management orchestrations through an IBM platform for ensuring management procedural adherence and on-time data delivery.
o Project achieved 93% reduction of non-productive time due to management and preparation errors with equivalent average savings per month of $400k.
o On-time data delivery improved from 3% before 2016 to 76% at the end of 2017.
• Provided process mapping, engineering, and re-engineering for all Product and Service Delivery workflows associated to directional drilling and measurements and logging while drilling operations for all the phases of the job cycle; design, preparation, execution, and closure.

Schlumberger, D&M Tyumen, Russia
Senior Measurements Instructor, September 2014 – September 2015
Subject matter authority and coordinator of instructors staff of the learning.
• Managed schedules and instructor classes in the area of measurements and logging while drilling.
• Continuous review of technical material and course improvements.
• Regular functions of Instructor as described below.

Measurements Instructor, February 2012 – September 2014
Delivery of technical courses and training of the fixed step training program of field engineers in the segment of Drilling and Measurements.
• Basic level classes covering from drilling rigs and drilling fundamentals to specific measurements and logging while drilling operations tasks and responsibilities: Engineering 1, SPEC 1, Measurements Zero, EMP, AND-ECO.
• Level 2 courses – nuclear and acoustic tools: EcoScope, Sonic Vision/SonicScope.
• Level 3 courses: Advanced Interpretation/Measurements Interpretation.
• Promotion of Schlumberger values, QHSE, Commitment, and Corporate Ethics for entry level students.
• Subject matter expert of the MWD tool SlimPulse for all D&M Learning Centers.
• Subject matter expert of D&I Surveying for all D&M Learning Center.
• Participated in two Lean projects in the Siberian Training Center: “STC Crane bay Layout”; “STC Double Logging Unit”.

Schlumberger, D&M, Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela
Field Service Manager, October 2009 – February 2012
Responsible for the overall design, preparation, and delivery of high-quality service to clients for all west Venezuela onshore and offshore.

• Client facing for design, preparation, and follow up of directional drilling and measurements/logging while drilling wells.
• Proper planning of resources, logistics, personnel, risk management, management of change focused on optimization to improve return on investment and profits.
• Reverted financial negative trends of the business in the location from a negative 2009 to a breakeven 2010, and to a double-digit profit (%) in 2011. ROI improved from -18% in 2009 to -1% in 2010, and +16.3% in 2011.
• Managed more than 40 field staff including job assignments, days-off, vacations, rotations, fixed step training, annual objectives setting and evaluation.
• Direct service to clients such as PDVSA, CHEVRON, SHELL, BP, TECHIN, REPSOL, and ENI.

Schlumberger, D&M, Anaco, Venezuela
Lean Site Champion, May 2009 – October 2009
Transformation of the company’s maintenance facilities into a LEAN facility.

Schlumberger, D&M Anaco, Venezuela
Operations Support Engineer, October 2007 – October 2009
Foundation and establishment of the Operations Support Center for Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago working in MWD/LWD Operations Quality Assurance.

• Member of the LAM Area VP Service Quality Award Winner Q2-2008, VTT Implementation of OSC and Real Time Infrastructure in Venezuela: Impact of RT OSC Operations on Service Quality.
• Foundation and establishment of the OSC in Venezuela West subgeomarket for DD and MWD Quality Assurance.
• Savings of 155 non-productive time prevented per month equivalent to $320 thousand a month.

Awards and Certifications

• Schlumberger Service Quality VP Award: “Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago Operations Support Center” 2008.
• Performed by Schlumberger Award: “Digital Studio for Automation Services” 2018
• Performed by Schlumberger Award: “D&M Transformation Delivers Outperformance” 2020.


**Industry Knowledge**
Offshore Drilling
Onshore Operations
Formation Evaluation
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Business Process Design
Business Process Management
Business Process Mapping
Business Process Re-engineering
Operations Management
Quality Management

**Tools & Technologies**
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Sway

**Interpersonal Skills**
Public Speaking
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Training & Development

Competency Framework Design
See 2 endorsements for Competency Framework Design2
Competency Management
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Competency Analysis
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Mechanical Engineer
Universidad Nacional Experimental Del Tachira

MSC Project Management, Oil & Gas
University of Liverpool