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  • Rafael Nunez Albermann
    (346) 504-7203


Dear Hiring Manager:


I am writing to you with an eagerness and enthusiasm to be considered for a position in your company. As a professional with a unique blend of academic and field experience, I've honed my skills in the oil and gas sector. I hold a Master of Science in Drilling and Production Engineering, along with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, forming a solid educational base to supplement my extensive experience in the field. Also, I am able to work in the USA without sponsorship.


The value I would bring to Company Name hinges on three key areas. First, my record of implementing large scale projects with esteemed oil companies, including BP, Shell, Murphy, and Woodside; handling everything from exploration to development wells. Second, my competence in detecting and reporting irregularities during drilling operations to avoid potential operational risks. Lastly, my proven ability to cultivate clear, and productive communication lines between diverse groups of stakeholders; demonstrating my ability to foster teamwork and cooperation towards work objectives. In my previous role, I monitored multiple drilling parameters and mud pits, safeguarding the integrity of offshore operations, which highlights my dedication to quality control and operational safety.


I am excited about the possibility of contributing to your company using my professional skills and industry experience. Therefore, I would like to request an interview to discuss my qualifications in more detail and how I can utilize them for the benefit of your company.


Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!




Rafael Núñez Albermann




Houston, Texas


SLB (Schlumberger), Houston, TX 2022 – Present

Well Monitoring Specialist at BP RCC | 2024 – Present
As a Well Monitoring Specialist at BP's Remote Collaboration Center (RCC), I am responsible for overseeing and managing drilling, completions, and workover operations on a global scale, both offshore and onshore. My role involves employing advanced monitoring techniques and technologies to ensure the smooth and efficient execution of these critical operations.
Key responsibilities include;
• Real-time Monitoring: Utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring systems to track drilling progress, well integrity, and production parameters in real-time. This involves continuous data analysis and interpretation to identify any anomalies or potential issues.
● Operational Support: Collaborating closely with drilling and completions teams to provide technical support and guidance during various phases of operations.
● Troubleshooting: Rapidly identifying and troubleshooting operational challenges, such as downhole issues, equipment malfunctions, or fluid-related problems. Implementing effective solutions to minimize downtime and maintain operational continuity.
● Data Analysis: Conducting comprehensive data analysis to evaluate well performance, identify trends, and generate insights for decision-making.
● Compliance and Safety: Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices related to well operations. Prioritizing safety protocols and actively participating in risk assessment activities to promote a safe working environment.
● Continuous Improvement: Engaging in continuous learning and professional development to stay updated with the latest advancements in well monitoring technologies and methodologies.
By effectively managing well monitoring activities across diverse geographical locations and operational environments, I contribute to optimizing productivity, minimizing operational risks, and driving overall performance excellence in the oil and gas industry.

Data Analyst | 2023 – 2024
Install and keep array of sensors comprising of pressure, gas, and volume varieties. Evaluate cutting shape, type, and size to alert wellsite geologists on unexpected lithology alterations, oil shows, and existence of cavings. Follow and adhere to site-specific communication plan when parameters deviated from preset limits. Fuel respectful and safety-prioritized work atmosphere. Pen exhaustive reports at culmination of well projects. Oversee tasks of mud loggers and sample catchers on duty. Regularly participate in pre-job discussions while evaluating drilling hazards.
Key Accomplishments;
● Implemented 10 projects associated with renowned oil entities, like BP, Shell, Murphy, and Woodside, inclusive of four exploration wells, three development wells, and three completion wells, structured for deep to ultra-deep offshore locations.
● Detected and reported irregularities amidst drilling operations: mud losses, active pit gains, flow paddle increment, modifications in standpipe pressure, drilling breaks, unexpected mud transfers, alterations in ECD/ESD, and gas measurement escalation.
● Cultivated clear and productive communication lines across stakeholders: company man, rig floor, derrick man, mud engineer, and cementer for optimal well monitoring.
● Monitored over multiple drilling parameters and mud pits, up to 15 and 20 respectively, while executing offshore operations to safeguard well integrality.
● Contributed 13 daily reports highlighting mud volumes, lithology, gas values, and drilling parameters.

Mud Logging Analyst | 2022 – 2023
Interpreted gamma ray and resistivity readings for drilled lithology determination. Executed degasser maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality. Maintained records for effective sampling material availability. Tracked well developments and operations.
Key Accomplishments;
● Conducted assessments and documentations for 500 to 1000 well-bored cuttings per drilling.
● Oversight provided to every set of twosome sample catchers to confirm right sample processing.

Awards and Certifications

Texas Driver License | Expires in 2030
TWIC | Expires in 2027
Well Control Subsea, Supervisor Level, with Workover and Completions Supplement | Expires in 2026
THUET with CA-EBS – M & A Safety Services, Lafayette, LA, USA | Expires in 2026
GN5 Acquisition – SLB, Melun, France | 2023
Data Analyst – SLB, Melun, France | 2023
Pore Pressure Analyst – SLB, Melun, France | 2023
Well Control Level 1 – IWCF, Virtual | 2023
Rig Pass – M & A Safety Services, Lafayette, LA, USA | 2022
Mud Logging Analyst – SLB, Abu Dhabi, UAE | 2022


Drilling and Workover Operations
Well Monitoring and Analysis
Data Interpretation and Analysis
Regulatory and Environmental Compliance
Project Delivery and Execution
Procedures Development
Field Operations Improvement
Operating Costs Reduction
Team Collaboration
Production Analysis
Safety Management
Well Control (Subsea, Workover, Completions)
Mud Logging and Analysis
Technical Proficiency in:
GN5 Acquisition
Creo Parametric (AutoCAD)
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
Basic Python programming


Master of Science in Drilling & Production Engineering | 2022
Thesis topic: Formation of Micelles from Non-Ionic Surfactants: Effect of Dissolved Gases under Elevated pressures
Clausthal University of Technology, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering | 2019
Clausthal University of Technology, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany