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  • Miguel Barroeta
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Reliable Petroleum Engineer with 18+ years of upstream experience, and strong background in Oil&Gas, outstanding in Production and Reservoir Engineering; including field development, well interventions, and production optimization.




Houston, Tx


Field Service Technician – Solar and Storage Applications 09/2021 – Current
Power Electronics – Houston, Tx
• Executed Commissioning of new solar and batteries sites of 80-370 MW, managing resources effectively, excelling customer service, and client’s communication
• Operated Power Inverters, with input 1.5 kV DC, output 34 kV AC, in compliance to safety policies
• Diagnosed, and solved faults, coordinating operations, personnel, inventory, and invoices; minimizing losses

Production/Reservoir Engineer, Reservoir Development 11/2012 – 10/2018
PDVSA – Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.
• Generated 20% of the district production annually, selecting, conceptualizing, and executing well interventions; applying the most suitable well completions (artificial lift or natural flow); prioritizing higher production, lower complexity, and lower expenses; assuring environmental and safety (HSE) compliance
• Reviewed post-jobs reports, granted technical and operational explanation, cost and performance results vs. planning, best practice for future programs and quality assurance
• Executed optimized design of acid stimulation, incorporating organic acid to avoid clay reactions, analyzing in deep Rx Diffractometric, improving pre and post treatment, detailing additives selection, incorporating multistage stimulation in layered limestones, and water activated divergent
• Analyzed, executed and reactivated a well, applying a hydraulic fracture treatment, properly diagnosing plugging due fine migration, and integrating reservoir and production engineering data
• Led a multidisciplinary project of new gas retrograde field, performing high complexity well interventions, procuring completion 13%Cr, well testing, flow assurance, downhole pressure transient analysis (PTA), and HSE related activities and approvals
• Designed and executed, acid fracture in low permeability natural fractured carbonate reservoir, due to high drilling mud damage around the wellbore
• Increased oil production and decreased water production in multilayer formations with high productivity index variation; performing Nodal Analysis, data overview, perforating optimization, formation damage evaluation, and completion enhancements
• Performed decline curve analysis to update reservoir declination rate, determine ultimate recovery, support economics model, and production forecast, using Oil Field Manager (OFM-Schlumberger)
• Increased a well gas production by 30% for 2 months (cyclic treatment with Foam Bars), diagnosed liquid loading, analyzing tubing performance curve, IPR, and critical velocities
• Liaised with specialist contractors, vendors, suppliers, technologic entities, and regulatory authorities submitting all documentation needed previous and after the job execution
• Executed capture information to reserves assessments, and re-development mature conventional fields with 320 inactive oil and gas wells.
• Developed water injection project of saltwater disposal, planned and executed 3 wells intervention, including surface production facilities, chemical program, and injection monitoring

Reservoir/Petroleum Engineer, Applied Production Technology 06/2010 – 11/2012
PDVSA – Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.
• Developed solutions and successfully installed a selective fluid inlet with an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) for low pump intake pressure and high GOR applications, increasing ESP running time by 200 days
• Improved ESP life performance, participating in root cause failure analysis meetings, defining best practice
• Developed radial drilling proposal for highly damage or low productivity wells, estimating with nodal analysis up to 53% more productivity than hydraulic fracture, with only 20% of the cost, and lower risk
• Proposed a completion and methodology, using hydraulic downhole sliding sleeve with one Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), to produce and quantify two different pay zones. Procured for 2 wells
• Improved well diagnostic, creating spread sheets to Productivity Index estimation, well analysis, downhole gas separators, Pwf calculus with dyna-cards, multi-layer production and downhole flow control
• Revealed great opportunities for production allocation for 2 and more zones, developing a multicomponent geochemical project for field implementation, and propose 8 well candidates

Reservoir/Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Department 09/2000 – 06/2010
PDVSA – Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.
• Visualized and executed on field, 21 workovers, 12 special loggings, 15 stimulations, 2 fractures and well completions with artificial lift including ESP and dual ESP completion.
• Performed production analysis and optimization of 5 fields with 120 wells, engineering solutions, to ensure reliability and optimum well performance
• Avoided production lost, conducting 2 slick line pressurized fluid captures for PVT in ESP active wells
• Executed 2 PLT complex runs using a “Y-tool” in ESP wells, applying techniques to reduce risk and production losses
• Minimized production lost, optimized chemical program, detected bottleneck and their causes, gathered and measured fluids production, monitored and acquired real time data from production operation
• Performed reservoir study, production analysis, generate VLP curves, dynamic black oil simulation (Eclipse-100), and exploitation plan offering 8% of recovery factor increase in reservoir with a highly active aquifer

Awards and Certifications

• Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), member #1803187
• NFPA-70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in workplace, 2021
• OSHA-30, General Industry, 2021
• SPE PetroBowl question writer, Houston, Texas, 2020
• Artificial Lift – Trends and Considerations, PhD Rajan Chokshi, PIF Network, Houston, Tx, 2020
• Connecting Sustainability and Business Performance, Webinar Schlumberger, Houston, Tx, 2020
• Infill Wells, Maximizing Returns through Successful Planning & Design, Webinar Schlumberger, Houston, Texas, 2020
• Acoustic Techniques for Gas-Lift Wells, Direction of Kick on Acoustic Traces Echometer. Houston, Tx, 2020
• SPE-Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), Kay Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, USA, 2018
• 79th European Association Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE), Expo Porte de Versalles, Paris, France, 2017
• Slick line / Thick wire, PetroAlianza, Zulia, Venezuela, 2014
• Reservoir Engineering of Gas Condensated, VISOR - Gonzalo Rojas, Zulia, Venezuela, 2014
• PIPESIM Nodal Analysis in Horizontal and Vertical Wells, Schlumberger, Barinas, Venezuela, 2013
• PIPESIM Artificial Lift Design and Optimization, Schlumberger, Barinas, Venezuela, 2013
• SPE - Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA, 2011


Production Enhancement, Reservoir Analysis, Workover, Nodal Analysis, Artificial Lift Systems, Well Completion, Damage/Skin Analysis, Economics valuations, Stimulation, Perforating, Decline curve analysis, Fracturing, SCAL, OFM, SPAN, WellFlo, PROSPER, PIPESIM, CMG (IMEX/STAR), Eclipse
PanSystem, MS Windows, Bilingual: English/Spanish


• Master of Petroleum Engineering, 05/2008
University of Houston, Houston, Texas, US, the third largest university in number of students in Texas, and the most important of the university system in Houston. GPA: 3.8 /4.0

• Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, 07/2000
Universidad Central de Venezuela, Largest and most prestigious university in Venezuela, with robust engineering program. Thesis Topic: “Best Exploitation Practice for Natural Fractured Reservoir in Barinas.” Honorific Mention