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Commercial Analyst, currently employed at NiQuan Energy with experience from a global super major energy company (BP) in Trinidad and Tobago with a passion for value creation and protection. I provide economic and commercial analysis for project support to enable the best commercial decisions in support of the NiQuan aspiration. I have established a track of delivery and routinely exceeding expectation. Relentless in my efforts to overcome obstacles, break paradigms and accomplish strategic initiatives.






NiQuan Energy Trinidad Point a Pierre,
Finance Analyst:
April 2020- Present
The Financial Analyst reports directly to the Vice President, Finance, and is responsible for providing accurate and timely complex financial analyses and reports; ongoing monitoring and evaluation for programs to support in decision-making to maintain, improve and where required drive financial performance. One of the core functions is the coordination, tracking and management of the Company’s annual budgets and business model. The position is required to liaise with Senior Executives and Managers on a regular basis and maintain the highest level of confidentiality and integrity at all times.

BP Global Port of Spain, Trinidad
Hydro Carbon Value Realization (HVR) Analyst: Upstream Commercial Operations
June 2016- April 2020

A Day in the life of an HVR Analyst includes deep problem solving in relation to hydrocarbon allocation systems, spotting trends in data to prevent over/under reporting of production, interfacing with metering, production technologists, commercial managers, finance team and tax team. Special interest in analysing data flows through the business from meter to end user of HVR/production reporting and implementing improvements to the delivery of data.
 Identified and led the economic evaluation to test the feasibility of setting up a Quality Bank in BPTT valued at over $210m in additionally revenue over the next 10 years
 Supported the review of the Trinidad Gas Value chain which resulted in the identification of over $50m in revenue annually of which I was able to propose $26m in options.
 Significant value leakage was prevented by interventions to BPTT allocation system estimated at ca. 45000+ barrels in 2016
 Designed an energy systems model to identify systemic issues, quantity abnormal loss/gain, and institute corrective actions with regards to the Gas Value Chain. The model was able to identify over 8 000 000 MMBTU in 2016 and over US$10M in cash leakage for the 2015 period.
 Led the implementation of the simplification of our hydro carbon business process by leveraging technology mainly Energy Components and Sirus. Resulting in moving our level of automation from 35% to 60%. (ongoing)
 Supported the implementation of Project Sirius an end to end visualization and optimization tool (ongoing)
 Led the drafting of a Liquid Optimization plan for the BPTT Region (ongoing)

BP Global Port of Spain, Trinidad
Commercial Analyst: Upstream Commercial Operations
January 2014- April 2020

Provide commercial and economic support to the Greater Cassia and Onshore Area concentrated around Commercial Optimization, Risk & Governance and Stakeholder Management & Agreement Management
 Delivered $0.7b in NTE Governance on Immortelle over 5+ FMs inclusive of the 2014 Immortelle FM. Develop FM/ ATN documentation with appropriate functional assurances, reviews, timeline and signatories for assigned cases. Ensuring compliance with GIAAP and EEM. Supported a myriad of Existing field development, Exploration/RA options, Cat B and C project with the Trinidad Region
 Supported the Crude Sales Agreement negotiation in 2014/2015 centered around Tariff principles, identifying key issues, development of a transparent and fair tariff structure ($400m sales and $22m tariff contract)
 Lead the 2014/15 TSP Audit work which supported the negotiation of an audit claim settlement preventing significant value leakage (negotiated an audit claim of $15m down to $1.2m)
 Provided analysis to Business Manager in 2015 highlighting the impact of an under allocation of bpTT volumes because of disagreement over the 2014/15 allocation methodology and metering philosophy used by bpTT to allocate comingled crude $20m in revenue
 Optimize bpTT and 3rd Parties crude forecast centering around optimizing the crude lifts and inventory level, calculating oil turnover, purchase cost, SPT exposure, production taxes royalty cost and working capital movements and impact on the balance sheet, P&L etc
 Served as SPA for several cost recovery type agreements which contributed to the Region’s target of Free Cash Flow from 2013 onwards. Additional value was also recovered because of the Withholding Tax on the Banyan Seismic which eventual formed part of a wider CI/ learning for PSCM, Tax and ARC.

BP Global Port of Spain, Trinidad
Commercial Analyst: Head of Function Reservoir Development
November 2012-December 2013

Generally supported the delivery of oversight and analysis of the key financial elements of the Reservoir Development organization including; project evaluation and governance, budgets, actuals, Performance Management, Functional Delivery Plan (FDP) and Business Planning.
 Commercial analysis on appraise, define and execute stage projects i.e. Immortelle, Cashima, Mahogany and Savonette gas fields, decision economics for rig contracts, and writing of financial memorandum for internal project approval by senior management within bpTT and up to Board level within the BP Group.
 Delivered Reservoir Development cost analysis, reporting and forecasting for submissions to the Planning and Performance Management Team
 Monitor and challenge business performance and risks to facilitate delivery of in year performance and the business plan
 Participate in scheduling of all activities of the Business Plan Process to support the annual and quarterly Business Plan delivery, coordinate planning activities across functions.
 Supported the SEC reserves process, cessation of production and cash flow analysis, carrying out reviews with technical teams, RSDP trained and certified.
 Support all business decisions by providing economic and financial analysis
 Ensure the integrity of financial and economic modelling
 Evaluate and assess business impacts for appropriate financial non-S&OR risks

BP Global Port of Spain, Trinidad
Commercial Analyst: Head of Function Global Operation Organization
February 2011- October 2012

I worked with the Head of Finance in evaluating a wide range of commercial and financial opportunities. I supported the delivery of the financial aspects of the Operations Functional Operating Plan (US$300m Operating Expenditure and US$100m Capital Expenditure), which was delivered within a framework of rigorous performance management, and a robust control environment. I also played a key role in the build and maintenance of the Operations Function Systematic Management System Phase 1.
 Supported the implementation of a performance-oriented culture in the Global Operations Organization including delivery of the performance management process. Co-ordinated the Integrated Production Planning and Cost meeting ensuring the functions were equipped to have the right performance conversation giving the competing priorities; resulting in ca $20m opex cost savings in 2012 and a revised 2013 GFO target of $300m down from $376m.
 Supported GOO Capex delivery through adherence to the Capex governance process, including requesting economic sanction and project charge codes in order to structure and integrate our approach to project selection, development, and execution, resulting in enhanced Capital Productivity.
 Contributed to the development of Global Operations Organization long term plan and annual performance contract ensuring linkages with all Functions. Supported the development of communication packs for LTP and internal and external Quarterly Performance Reviews when required and documenting the Operations LTP submission via the Plan Book. Worked with the Activity Planning Team to develop and revise Business plan elements and Plan change proposals and ensure the quality submissions are made in a timely manner.
 Ensured that National Gas Company OTA obligations are met by assisting with query resolution on past billings and reviewing invoice support packs before submitting to NGC for payment, in order to ensure greater assurance of billings.

Awards and Certifications

 TCL Scholarship (2009/2010)
 BP Trinidad and Tobago LLC Scholarship (2008/2009)


 Economic Evaluation (Upstream): Ability to conduct evaluations of alternate capital investment proposals and develop proposals including FM’s and ATN’s for internal project approval by senior management within bpTT and up to Board level within the BP Group. DCF analysis of new projects and existing field development; risk, energy market prices and project specific sensitivity
 Agreement Management: Ensure correct processes and documentation are followed for cost/partner recovery, Owning and providing challenge to project assumptions as well as optimization of value through economic modeling, schedule management and benchmarking
 Asset Optimization: Ability to identify HVR issues jeopardizing value within an agreement, provide Finance support to operations, validate operational procedures and compliance with HVR principles and procedures. Ability to prepare production and allocation reports as well as own and maintain an allocation model.
 Stakeholder Management & Negotiations: Liaise, align & manage partners & contractual 3rd parties, KPI analysis, ability to work with cross-functional teams: New Developments, Production, Projects, PSCM, Tax, Treasury, ARC.
 Fiscal Regime Evaluation: Economic due diligence of Tax & Royalty regimes; DCF modelling (NPV, RCOP, IRR, Payback, etc.)
 Plan Development: In-year and medium term (5 yr plan) of opex, capex, crude forecasting, working capital, BPE development.
 Performance Management: Ability to support business planning and performance processes, by providing insightful analysis and options to the business
 Reserves and Production Reporting: Reserve classification; SEC production reporting; SMOG valuation (Standard Measure of Oil and Gas)


University of the West Indies St Augustine Trinidad
BSc. (Hons) Management Studies GPA: 3.63 2007 - 2010
 Graduated with First Class Honors in Management Studies. Focus Areas: Finance and Project and Human Resources Management