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  • Mohamed Gabry
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With over 10 years of experience as a Senior Petroleum Engineer at Apache, I have cultivated expertise in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, including extensive work on multistage hydraulic fracturing projects. My passion for the field drove me to earn a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston, adding to my M.Sc. and B.S. in the same field from Suez University in Egypt. I have been able to contribute to industry knowledge by publishing multiple papers in peer-reviewed journals like MDPI Energies and presenting research at prominent conferences including SPE, ARMA, and OTC. This combination of education, experience, and ongoing engagement with research and conferences provides me with a wealth of knowledge to bring to any subsurface petroleum engineering role.




United states of America


2011-Jan.2022 – Subsurface Petroleum Engineer (Well Services) at Apache JV
• Proficient in unconventional reservoirs, managing multistage massive Hydraulic Fracture projects from design to field execution and evaluation.
• Overseeing procedures for well repair, maintenance, workover, and rig-less completion/testing of new or reworked wells.
• Leading rig-less operations, perforation, kick-off operation, and stimulation projects in horizontal wells.
• Mentoring and training assigned trainees, with a focus on hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation.
• Assessing tender proposals, selecting optimal vendors for operations, and engaging in technical discussions for engineering projects.
• Serving as a central point of contact for production engineering-related contracts and field requirements, ensuring contract pre-qualification and readiness.
• Designing and evaluating treatments like matrix acidizing and propped fracture stimulation for both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.
• Monitoring on-site work performance, recommending corrective actions to enhance efficiency and resolve operational challenges.
Part-time Hydraulic Fracture and acid stimulation instructor
• Conducted two hydraulic fracture courses and two acid stimulation courses.
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Leadership Experiences
• Heading the hydraulic fracture team for Apache Joint Venture in Egypt, overseeing design and on-field supervision of hydraulic fracture operations within Apache's Egyptian fields.
Wavelet Transform research project with Prof. Dr. M.Y. Soliman ( 2023 Hydraulic Fracture legend)
• The Wavelet Transform project revolutionizes petroleum engineering by employing advanced signal processing techniques, particularly the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT), to analyze complex data from hydraulic fracturing and reservoir management without presumptions about geological properties. Utilizing CWT on treating pressure in hydraulic fracturing reveals unique signatures for fracture propagation modes, aiding in estimating stimulated reservoir volume and detecting fracture closure events accurately. Moreover, CWT analyzes water hammer signals to assess induced fracture complexity and inter-well connectivity between injectors and producers. These groundbreaking analyses, validated through simulation and field cases, have led to four submitted patents, showcasing a significant advancement in the field. The project's outcomes are integrated into user-friendly software, promising wide applicability across diverse oil and gas operations
Horizontal Acid Stimulation Campaign in Carbonates
• It was five wells in limestone and dolomite where acid stimulation with chemical diverters was used with coiled tubing equipped with distributed temperature sensing (DTS).
• Main contributor to Acid stimulation optimization, Design, Follow-up execution and evaluation, completion, and economic analysis.
Shale Gas Exploration and Potential Evaluation
• Main contribution to the part of Hydraulic fracturing stimulation optimization, evaluation, rock mechanics, completion, studies, application, and economic analysis.
Tight Gas Development Project:-
• Member of unconventional gas resources exploration and potential evaluation.
• Responsible and main contribution to the part of pilot wells hydraulic fracturing stimulation design process, completion selection and studies, rock mechanics, application, and economic analysis.
Shaly sand mature reservoir development
• Team member in the First Successful Implementation of Horizontal Multistage Fracturing
to Enhance Oil Production in shaly sand Reservoirs and maximize its recovery after
introducing pinpoint and sliding sleeve multistage hydraulic fracturing techniques for the
horizontal wells.
• Team member in optimization of fracture geometry by Micro-seismic fracture mapping that
provides an image of the fractures by detecting microseisms or micro-earthquakes that are triggered by shear slippage on bedding planes or natural fractures adjacent to the hydraulic
fracture. This diagnostic information enables the optimization of fracture treatments and well
placement/field development strategies.


Software skills
• Well Test (PTA) & Minifrac /DFIT Analysis using (KAPPA Saphir NL, Pan System, and IHS Well Test).
• RTA using IHS Harmony.
• Frac Design & optimization using (Kinetix, GHOFER, Fracpro, FracCADE, Resfrac)
• Nodal Analysis software.
• Reservoir simulation(Petrel, CMG, tNavigator)
• Building Machine learning models using Python for research and well operations optimization.
Soft skills: -
• Self-Learning & Self-Motivated.
• Multi-disciplinary team worker.
• Team Leadership
• Strategic Thinking.
• Ability to build good work relationships.
Research interest: -
• Hydraulic fracturing.
• Acid stimulation.
• Signal processing.
• Machine learning Applications.
• Big Data analytics.
• Operational optimization.
• Unconventional reservoir development.
• CCUS reservoir characterization.
• Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).


B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, July 2010.
Faculty of petroleum and mining Engineering, Suez University.
Overall grade: - Very Good Project grade:- Excellent
M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, November 2020.
Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Suez University, Egypt.
Thesis Title: -
Control of Hydraulic Fracturing Propagation Using Dual Fracturing Technique in Western Desert, Egypt.
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, December 2024.
Cullen College of Engineering, The University of Houston, USA.
Dissertation Title: -
Applications of Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) for Fracture Diagnostics and Reservoir Management.