Contact Information

  • Marilyn Wisler
    (281) 475-9908



Exploration & Development | Reservoir Characterization


Geologist with 2 years combined industry experience and 3.5 years of research experience. Committed to development of technical skills to enhance basin understanding and resolve problems. Positive team member in collaborative groups through effective communication and attention to detail. Adaptable contributor to multi-disciplinary geoscience and engineering teams.


Interpretation of onshore conventional (Frio Fm.), unconventional development (Niobrara Fm. and Duvernay Fm.), and offshore exploration. Experience with seismic interpretation in extensional, compressional and channel systems; formation evaluation and reserve calculations; structural and stratigraphic maps and cross sections; and generation of technical reports. Educational research in inorganic petroleum geochemistry.


Houston, TX


Geologist I, Noble Energy, Houston, TX (January 2020-July 2020)
Colombia Exploration Team

Geology Intern, Noble Energy, Houston, TX (May 2019-August 2019)
DJ Basin Prospect Development

Geology Intern, White Oak Operating Co., L.L.C. , Houston, TX (January 2018-May 2018)
Magnet Withers Operations | Frio Fm Development

Intern, Seismic Exchange, Inc., Houston, TX (May 2014-July 2014)

Intern, GeoMark Research, Cypress, TX (June 2013-August 2013)


● Petrel (seismic interpretation)
● Petra
● I.H.S. Kingdom
● CorelDRAW
● Canvas Illustrator
● Microsoft Office (including Sharepoint)
● Reservoir characterization
● Well planning
● Seismic interpretation
● Well log analysis
● Elemental and isotopic geochemistry
● Laboratory sample analyses and preparation


Master of Science in Geology, Baylor University
August 2017-December 2019, GPA: 3.67
● Thesis title: “Paleoceanographic evolution of the Late Devonian Duvernay Formation: insights from the geochemistry of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin”

Bachelor of Science in Geology, Texas A&M University
August 2013-December 2016, GPA: 3.06