Contact Information

  • Alex MacNeil
    (832) 441-0633


Highly trained petroleum geologist, 13 years experience in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Drilled 80-100 wells over course of my career. 

Expertise includes carbonate petrophysics, fracture analysis, geomodeling, and reservoir characterization in both clastics and carbonates. 




Resigned from position in Canada in November 2019. Fully authorized to live and work in the US.
2019-2012 Senior Geologist at Osum Corporation - small private oil company.
2012-2007 Imperial Oil (ExxonMobil affiliate). Resigned.
2007-2006 Started at Anadarko Canada but was divested in fall of 2006 to CNRL. Left CNRL to Imperial in 2007.

Awards and Certifications

CSPG Volunteer Award - several years
CSPG Tracks Award (2017) - for exceptional service
AAPG Top 10 Poster Presentation (out of 398 submissions) 2014
CSPG Best Core Display (2013)
CSPG Ph.D. Thesis Award (2007)


Petrel, WellCad, Tableau.
Wireline log interpretation and modeling.
Facies analysis
Digital core description. Expert sedimentologist.
Data integration
Geological mapping


2006 Ph.D. University of Alberta (Geological Sciences)
2001 M.Sc. University of Alberta (Geological Sciences)
1998 B.Sc. High Honors University of Saskatchewan