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  • Jose Marcano
    (407) 402-8851


I am a detail-oriented and focused professional with hands-on knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of geology. Also, I am an expert in conducting studies and analysis on sedimentary that enhance techniques pertaining to stratigraphy. Besides, I have been commended for proposing effective solutions, developing frameworks/models, preparing chronostratigraphic charts, leading special projects, creating geological databases, and formulating reports. Furthermore, I am Known for writing “Geological Model of the Petroleum Basin in Venezuela central axis”, a reference book.
Moreover, my technical skills and tools are Openworks (Halliburton), Petrel, Excel, Office, PowerPoint, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks, Python (beginner), and SQL (beginner). Also, I have been developing frameworks/models, process optimization, lead production, creating databases, and formulating reports. Fluent in Spanish and English.




Amazon Orlando, FL
Process Assistant – MCO1 /Fulfillment Warehouse November 2018 – April 2024
• Encourage a team of 80-180 Associates as a Process Guide to create and manage a culture of high performance and efficient performance metrics.
• Plateful support for the daily management of department duties, including allocating labor, leading meetings, and assigning job duties. Also, drives and executes standard work in Safety, Quality, and Productivity to meet daily operational goals.

Correlation One Remote/US
Data Analytic Fellow with Excel, SQL & Python Jun 2023 – Oct 2023
● Selected to participate in an 18-week data analytics fellowship with learning facilitated through real-world data analytics business cases.
● Collaborated with a small workgroup to solve a business problem using a quantitative approach through equations to break down a problem into a number to make a data-driven decision.

PDVSA, Petroleum of Venezuela Company Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
Petroleum Exploration Geologist Dec 2004 - Sep 2017
• Created geological databases, well correlations, and drilling monitoring, developed chronostratigraphic charts, and stratigraphic sections in Easter Venezuela Basin (EVB) and in Barinas Apure Basin (BAB).
• Performed sedimentological and facies analysis as well as conducted petrographic, diagenetic, provenance, and, genetic studies of siliciclastic sequences in the Maturin Sub-basin.
• Results-driven and accomplished professional with extensive skill in play fairway analysis based on a basin analysis and tectonostratigraphic framework to characterize the petroleum systems, as a tool to propose new exploratory studies elements in EVB and BAB.
• Documentation of investment proposals for the evaluation of exploration prospects, leads & plays.
• Established quality management systems for Petroleum Systems Evaluation Management, and wrote a book, “Geological Model of the petroleum basin in Venezuela”.


 Well & Seismic Data Analysis
 Sedimentology/Stratigraphy
 Basin Analysis
 Sequence Stratigraphy
 Play Fairway Analysis
 Framework Generation
 Data integrator-siliciclastic
 Documentation & Reporting
 Petroleum System Analysis


Geologist (Bachelor´s degree), Universidad de Oriente (UDO). April 2004

Master's Degree in Geological Sciences, Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Oct 2015

Data Analytics, Certification, Correlation One. Oct 2023