Contact Information

  • Khadar Shaik


Chemical Engineering graduate with 7+ years of research experience in polymer films/coatings and their nanocomposite material properties with self-assembly processes and designing applications relevant to oil & gas, membrane industries.


Houston, TX


Research Experience

Directed Self-assembly of Block Copolymers for Water Filtration Aug
• Fabricated polymer thin-film composite membranes with vertical nanoporous structure for oil/water separations
• Established tunability in pore sizes between 20-50 nm and isoporous structure with wet and dry etching methods
• Developed and performed pilot scale dead-end mode micro and ultrafiltration tests with oil/water emulsions

Orientation & Order Dependent Tensile Deformation of Thermoplastic Elastomer
• Correlated morphological changes in stretched SEPS films to develop their together structure-property relationships
• Applied high temperature and pressure melt processes like molding and extrusion for films/sheets/pellets/filaments
• Demonstrated 33% difference and > 12 MPa strength only by affinity and volatility changes in polymer solutions
• Designed custom-built stretcher for utilization in in-situ SAXS experiments until 5x elongation and analyzed test data

Design and Simulation of Cumene Production Plant using Zeolite
• Simulated production process utilizing reaction kinetics of feedstream containing benzene & propylene in AspenPlus
• Designed distillation columns for each reactant and modeled RGIBBS reactor along with heat exchanger and separator controls. Estimated hourly raw materials consumption for their corresponding annual production capacity

pH Electrolyte Dependence Behavior of In2S3/TiO2 Photoanodes
• Graphed & collected current density measurements using potentiostat at different pH levels of aqueous electrolytes
• Translated and produced data in acidic, basic & neutral mediums of various anode materials with postulated tests based upon reduction potentials of H2O

Awards and Certifications

Graduate Tuition Fellowship, University of Houston Aug 2018 – Aug 2023 • Cullen Fellowship Travel Grant Fall 2022
• Graduate Student Success Fellowship 2022 • Presidential Fellowship, University of Houston Aug 2018 – May 2020
• Institutional MCM Scholarship, IIT Hyderabad Apr 2014 – Dec 2014


Extrusion (microcompounding), Processing, Polymer Membrane Fabrication, ASTM Universal Tensile Testing, Thin Film Casting, Polymer Characterizations, Compression molding (Heat press), Finite Element Analysis and Design, Electrochemical


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Aug 2018 – Aug 2023
University of Houston, Houston, TX|William A. Brookshire Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering|3.6/4

Master of Technology (M. Tech) Jan 2017 – Jul 2018
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India | Department of Chemical Engineering | GPA: 8.07/10.00

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Honors with Minor in Entrepreneurship Aug 2013–May 2017
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India | Department of Chemical Engineering | GPA: 8.02/10.00