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  • Juliet Irvin


A highly experienced Senior Geoscientist, with over two decades of technical expertise in the energy industry, bringing advanced skills in integration and communication, and a deep expertise in Prospect & Play Assessment, Risk & Uncertainty, Subsurface Interpretation and Opportunity Evaluation.

Demonstrated proficiency collaborating in multi-disciplinary teams, integrating geoscience, engineering & commercial data to evaluate prospects, acquisition opportunities, new developments & mature fields.  A strong analytical problem-solving focus and a passion and proven expertise for training / mentoring.

Extensive international experience, evaluating deep & shallow water reservoirs, in Africa (East, South & West), Mediterranean, NW Europe, Central / Southern Europe, as well as E. Canada, Caspian & Black Sea.

Broad technical skills utilizing & integrating components for prospect generation (incl. Basin Analysis, Seismic interpretation, Play mapping & Petrophysics). Proven track record in teamwork and communication, demonstrated through successful delivery of project evaluations informing multi-million-dollar investment decisions.  Energized by the challenge of effectively presenting & communicating complex information in customized forms, clearly informing decision-makers, technical staff & business partners alike.






Oil & Gas Assessment Specialist, Upstream Assessment Team: ExxonMobil (contract), (2022-24)
=> Assessment SME and Lead Instructor for ExxonMobil Assessment training program: a targeted program training 80 professional geoscientists in intermediate / advanced assessment skills, enabling them to support multi-million dollar business decisions.
• Developed educational resources, managed the program curriculum, & delivered lectures, seminars & collaborative learning experiences.
• Collaborated with global instructor team and delivered program via remote teaching methods.
• Topics taught: Fundamentals of Assessment, Risk & Volumetrics, Prospect & Play Assessment, Unconventional Assessment, Cognitive Bias, CCS and Technical / Commercial integration workflows.
• Mentored geoscientists working unconventional assessments for the Haynesville Fmn, onshore US.

Senior Geoscientist, Risk and Volumes Assessment Specialist
ExxonMobil International Ltd, UK (2014 – 2021)
=> Lead Assessor (risking and volumes expert) for UK Exploration office. Provided expertise, consultancy, training, mentoring and guidance to Europe, Africa and Caspian Exploration teams.
=> For example:
• Designed, conducted, & coordinated regional project (past venture analysis) for East Med., to provide regional context & subsurface risking information for deepwater prospects on held acreage, & to guide strategic investment decisions. Designed custom database & map-based outputs, to compile data & communicate key trends in digestible forms for technical & managerial audiences.
• Designed and delivered complex volumetric assessments of deepwater prospects in offshore Mozambique and Namibia, and prospects in the Caspian Sea to facilitate license round investment decisions, prospect evaluations and drilling decisions.
• Delivered regional Unconventional resource assessment (N. Africa) to support multi-billion dollar business decision.
• Mentored >50 geoscientists and consulted & advised on assessment projects for >20 countries and >100 prospects, resulting in delivery of fit-for-purpose deep & shallow water prospect assessments & risking for exploration decisions, resource bookings & portfolio prioritization (including Cyprus, Egypt, Somalia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ireland, South Africa and Romania).
• Development of 5 regional and global Best Practices: integrating DHI information into prospect risking and volumetrics, risk and volumes performance tracking, prospect inventory tracking, column height modelling in prospect assessment and assessment integration workflows for geoscience, engineering & commercial teams.
• Developed and taught assessment training classes, including custom training solutions for advanced Assessment practitioners. Training included: Risk & Uncertainty, Cognitive Bias, Prospect & Play Assessment, and Technical & Commercial Integration workflows.

Senior Exploration Geologist, ExxonMobil International Ltd, UK (2012 – 2014)
• Responsible for attending data rooms, conducting geologic evaluations, post-drill analyses and assessment of prospect volumes / risk for New Opportunities and Exploration licenses (Norway, East Africa and Continental Europe). Delivered effective presentations to communicate key concepts & results to stakeholders, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.
• Designed & conducted Norwegian mature fields study, to evaluate areas & assets for further acquisitions & developments. Included mature field & post-drill evaluations, database development for wells & prospect tracking, & generation of regional maps for targeted portfolio prioritization.
• Evaluated complex mature field (Caspian), generating models in Petrel & GeoX to support resource adds, using cutting edge technology & workflows to reflect reservoir management scenarios.

Geoscientist, previous work experience: ExxonMobil, Houston, London, Aberdeen
• Delivered multiple probabilistic reservoir assessments for Hebron Development project (E. Canada), including static and dynamic volume assessments, to support resource certification & reserves booking, appraisal well planning decisions and field development decisions. Participated in JV partner meetings to gain alignment and communicate key uncertainties.
• Comprehensive Geoscience project experience spanning Exploration, Development, Production & Research (geological / geophysical analysis), in UK, Norway, Libya, USA, Caspian Sea.
• Technical geoscience committee rep and co-venture partner liaison for UK North Sea and Norwegian Assets, responsible for ensuring technical quality prior to multi-million-dollar investment decisions for wells, seismic & supporting drilling campaigns.
• Reserves coordinator for all Norwegian non-operated assets.
• Award-winning trainer & coordinator for professional geoscience training classes. Topics included: Seismic Interpretation, Geoscience integration, Collaboration & networking skills.

Awards and Certifications

• Outstanding Instructor award from ExxonMobil Upstream Research Center (2008 and 2009). (Award-winning trainer & coordinator for professional geoscience training classes. Topics included: Seismic Interpretation, Geoscience integration, Collaboration & networking skills.)


Geology • Prospect & Play Assessment • Risk analysis • Collaboration & Teamwork • Seismic Interpretation • Presentation & Communication • Mentoring • Integration • Deepwater • Unconventional • Geologic Evaluation • Petroleum Systems • Exploration, Development, Production • Technical leadership • GeoX • Petrel • ArcGIS


• Bachelor of Science: Applied & Environmental Geology, University of Birmingham, UK
• Master of Science: Petroleum Geoscience with Geophysics, Imperial College London, UK
• London Business School: ExxonMobil Graduate Development Program, Business