Contact Information

  • Mariela Mejias
    (281) 857-0193


Well rounded Geoscientist, with experience in Field Developments and production, as well as in Exploration. I am detailed oriented with a capacity to step back with judgement and look at the Regional picture. I believe in the value of data to support with the decision making process within a team. 

Throughout my career I have been challenged to come up with support and subsequently create 3D Geocellular models to support asset development, sanction and also production. Volume Ranges and sensitivity analys are an relevant part of the analysis.

At Exploration, I have contributed by bringing ideas and maturing them into prospects. Moving prospects through the maturity funnel and lead to have the best portfolio of opportunities. I work by using regional data from the basin and analogs, to support risking analysis and business decisions. 

I enjoy working across disciplines, I also thrive to include all my teammates on important decisions to come up with synergistic solutions.





3D/2D Seismic Interpretation
Prospect Generation- Maturation for Lease Sale
Prospect Risk Analysis
Seismic synthetic well tie/AVO
Regional Interpretation of Geology, using well and seismic data.
Data analysis and visualization
3D geologic model creation using Petrel
Reservoir Characterization
Volume calculation from static model point of view
Field Optimization and development

Team Player, self motivated, innovative.

Petrel, DSG, GeoX, ArcGIS, Rock Doc, Hampson and Russell.