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  • Elias Gomez
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Oil and Gas Sr. Geological Advisor and Exploration Supervisor, Sustainable Energy Specialist

Multidisciplinary Project Management | Business Development | Stakeholder Engagement

Seeking to work for a forward-looking oil and gas, renewables, or carbon removal company who places decarbonization high on their agenda.             

Strong combination of oil and gas industry skills with sustainable energy competencies. Proven track record of project delivery across the Americas and Africa in the form of country entries, successful commercial activities and bidding, drilling, and discoveries. Business development acumen and well versed in stakeholder engagement inclusive of business partners, government agencies, technology providers, industry and academic consortiums. Strong planning and communication skills and writer of influential publications.

Well-rounded geoscientist. Basin analyst, structural geologist, and stratigrapher. Experienced in New Ventures, ILX, and DRO evaluations, offshore and onshore. Deep knowledge of the entire Gulf of Mexico and Colombia. Hands-on generator of high-value play fairways and prospect portfolios. Expert in play-based exploration, seismic interpretation, prospect maturation, volumetrics and risking. Experienced in pre-salt, subsalt, thrust and fold belt, foreland-basin, and amplitude-supported exploration. Offshore and onshore drilling.




Dallas, TX


Decarbonization and Sustainable Energy, Dallas TX, 2020-Present
Actively job seeking during COVID-19

o Certifications: Sustainable Energy – wind, solar, hydrogen (MIT), Carbon Capture and Storage (U. of Edinburgh), Global Energy and Climate Policy (U. of London), Carbon Management (U. of Queensland).
o Certification in progress: Circular Economy (Wageningen University).
o Tracking economy-wide decarbonization and carbon-market trends, policies, and regulations.
o Monitoring CCUS projects and evolving stakeholder and regulatory landscape.

KOSMOS ENERGY, Dallas TX, 2017-2020

Regional Geologist, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Uruguay Exploration Access
o Identified business trends and competitor strategies in the Gulf of Mexico based on industry activity data and lease sales analyses. Delivered strategic access recommendations.
o Generated novel play concepts and prospect portfolios and secured support from Sr. Management and partners, which resulted in country entry decisions in Cote D’Ivoire (with BP) and Uruguay.
o Evaluated lease-sale and farm-in opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

NOBLE ENERGY, Houston TX, 2012-2017

Gulf of Mexico Exploration Supervisor, 2015-2017
o Led multidisciplinary collaborations with the development and production organizations for the ranking of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico exploration and appraisal portfolio to support divestment strategies.
o Led Mexico’s offshore Rounds 1 and 2 Exploration and Extraction (DRO) evaluations. Oversaw prospect generation and economics assessments, block/asset ranking, and bidding recommendations.
o Coordinated work and bids alignment across partnerships with ENI, Repsol, Casa, Galp, Suncor.
o Managed key relationships with Noble’s external affairs, business development, and HSE functions. Incorporated input from legal firms, policy think tanks, industry and academic consortiums, and NGOs to understand above ground risks across Mexico, as a component of opportunity ranking.
o Developed strong relations with the National Oil Company (PEMEX) and regulators (SENER, CNH).
o Drove selection and purchase of $30 million of Gulf of Mexico data from various vendors.
o Responsible for the performance appraisal and career mentoring of 10 direct reports including 2 team leaders.

Sr. Geological Advisor, Americas and Africa New Ventures Development, 2012-2014
o Delivered a play-based conventional offshore and unconventional onshore hydrocarbons screening in preparation for Mexico’s opening to the international oil industry.
o Articulated Mexico’s value proposition for country entry based on identified sweet spots, estimated hydrocarbons endowment, scoping economics, and fit to Noble’s strategy.
o Persuaded Noble’s leadership to fund participation in the bid rounds and staff the evaluation team.
o Collaborating with Business Development, designed a Mexico partnership strategy, participated in initial engagements with preferred partners, enabled an MOU with PEMEX.
o Generated a 1.5 billion barrels oil recoverable pre-salt opportunity across Gabon and Congo leading to capture of Gabon Block F15. Organized a data room resulting in partnership with Australia’s Woodside.
o Saved Noble Energy $120+ million in drilling costs after issuing a negative farm-in recommendation in Namibia. Subsequent wells drilled by HRT were dry.
o Falklands and Mozambique evaluation leader. Regional framework and prospects led to Falklands entry.


Lead Geologist, Colombia Llanos Basin, CPE-5 Block Drilling
o Executed a 4-well drilling campaign, coordinated exploration and operations activities. Delivered updated Llanos Basin regional evaluation and block relinquishment recommendation.


Staff Geologist, Gulf of Mexico Near Field Tie-Back Exploration, 2008-2011
o Based on 3D PSDM seismic interpretation and work with the development organizations, delivered a portfolio of prospects within tie-back range to Shell’s Nakika and Auger production facilities. The Nakika prospects became commercial oil discoveries by other companies since 2012 (e.g. Delta House).

Senior Geologist, Gulf of Mexico Regional Studies Team, 2005-2008
Delivered a GOM-wide play-based geological framework for consistent ranking of the exploration portfolio across all business units. Wrote several reports for lasting impact. Products still in use support exploration strategy.

o Led and delivered a Gulf of Mexico Yet to Find Hydrocarbon evaluation. Synthesized Shell’s vast geologic and production data into forecasts of remaining hydrocarbons volumes and outlined exploration sweet spots for the Norphlet, Wilcox and Miocene plays.
o Delivered a comprehensive methodology for calculation of hydrocarbon volumes at prospect/field scale for consistent ranking of held assets and access opportunities.
o Delivered a paleogeographic evaluation inclusive of 10 Gulf wide Paleogene and Miocene reservoir distribution maps with predictions validated by subsequent drilling.

Geologist, Americas New Ventures, 2003–2005
o Evaluated 3 DROs and 4 exploration assets as part of a confidential acquisition evaluation in Alaska.
o Alaska North Slope bid round. Generated prospect portfolio, successful Shell Alaska reentry.
o Colombia Caribbean regional evaluation and Tairona Block farm-in. Generated regional play-based framework and prospect portfolio. Championed collaboration with Ecopetrol and regulators (e.g. ANH) via organization of deep water workshops and meetings to pave the way for Shell’s country re-entry.
o Colombia ANH data room evaluations, Llanos, Lower Magdalena, Pacific Basins.
o Brazil ANP6 Bid Round. Generated prospect portfolio in the Espirito Santo Basin, contributed to winning 4 prospects, Petrobras operating, 3 became discoveries. Represented Shell in partnership meetings with Petrobras, Statoil and Repsol in Rio de Janeiro.
o Venezuela Mariscal Sucre-Plataforma Deltana LNG evaluation. Stopped due to political risk.
Geologist, Brazil Campos Basin, BMC-10 Block, Prospect Generation, Maturation, Drilling, 2001-2003
o Prospect geologist for the Anemona 1-Shell well drilling, 2,900 m of water depth, partnership with StatOil and Wintershall, Shell operating. Coauthored well proposal, coordinated exploration and operations activities, delivered final well report.

GEOTEC AND ARIANA LTDA, Colombia, 1990-1994 (Prior to 1995-2000 Cornell Ph.D)
Field mapping campaigns and subsurface evaluations of the Eastern Cordillera Thrust and Fold Belt, Magdalena, and Llanos basins, under contract for Shell, BP, Oxy, and Maxus. Stratigraphic and structural cross sections measurement, surface mapping control for seismic interpretation, prospect generation.

Awards and Certifications

Sustainable Energy – wind, solar, hydrogen (MIT).
Carbon Capture and Storage (U. of Edinburgh).
Global Energy and Climate Policy (U. of London).
Carbon Management (U. of Queensland).
Circular Economy - in progress (Wageningen University).

Multiple industry reports and peer-reviewed scientific publications:

• Gómez, E., French, D., Chisholm, T., Leischner, K., Banga, T., Ontiveros, P., Herber, B., Lee, L., Griffith, D., and Orumwense, R., 2009. Near Field Exploration revitalization in the Greater Nakika Area of the Gulf of Mexico: Deep Miocene Play Prospect Portfolio. Abstract/poster, Shell Integrated Subsurface Conference, Houston, October 5-6.
• Gómez, E., Long, S., Hare, C., Frantzen, P., and Hollanders, M.A.H., 2008. Gulf of Mexico Yet To Find Hydrocarbon Potential. Shell Report EP2008-3065.
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• Gómez, E., and Harper, G., 2004. Brazil BMC-10, 1-Shel-14 final well report. Shell Report EP2004-3039.
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• Sánchez, F., Gómez, E., eds, 2004, Venezuela Plataforma Deltana 2003 Shell report.

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• Gómez, E., Butcher, G., Stewart, D., 2007. Development of the Colombian Andes and Caribbean Regions at the interface between the South American, Caribbean and Nazca Plates. 27th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference. The Paleogene of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Basins: Processes, events and Petroleum systems. P. 618-631.
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• Gómez, E., Jordan, T. E., Allmendinger, R. W., Hegarty, K., and Kelly, S., and Heizler, M., 2003. Controls on architecture of the Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic southern Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 115, n. 2, pages 131-147.
• Gómez, E., y Pedraza, P. 1994. El Maastrichtiano de la región de Honda - Guaduas, límite norte del Valle superior del Magdalena: Registro sedimentario de un delta dominado por ríos trenzados. En: Estudios Geológicos del Valle Superior del Magdalena, (Etayo- Serna, F. Ed.)., Universidad Nacional de Colombia., Bogotá, Capitulo III, 20p.


Multidisciplinary project management.
Business development.
Stakeholder management.
Multi-dimensional research, data analysis and synthesis.
Planning, communication, and technical writing skills.
Oil and gas exploration: New ventures, ILX, and DRO evaluations, offshore and onshore. Play-based exploration, seismic interpretation, play-fairway and prospect generation and maturation, volumetrics and risking. Pre-salt, subsalt, thrust and fold belt, foreland-basin, and amplitude-supported exploration. Offshore and onshore drilling.


o Ph.D. Geology (Basin Analysis, Tectonics, Stratigraphy). Cornell University, Ithaca NY, 2001.
o B.Sc. Geology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, 1993.
o MBA core courses (finance, economics, accounting, marketing, taxes, mergers and acquisitions, statistics). University of North Carolina – Kennan Flagler Business School, 2015-2017.