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  • Stefania Gerbaudo Laronga, PhD



Translates Earth Science into easily understood customer benefits

Team-oriented, analytical geoscientist with international extensive experience in research, geomodeling, data management, marketing and technical writing. Proven ability to formulate creative business solutions that achieve corporate targets. Quickly accesses situations and creates effective strategies to facilitate business growth and profitability. Utilizes knowledge of Earth Science to train colleagues and customers. Identifies cross-discipline collaboration strategies and integrated cross-platform software workflows. Customer focused. Designs and develops websites that engage clients worldwide.






Subsurface Data Professional, Houston, TX, January 2016 - November 2019
Assisted users with reservoir modeling. Provided customer services and training worldwide. Identified cross-product lines, integrated cross-discipline, and cross software platform workflows. Delivered internal and external presentation to customers to deploy the training material worldwide.
• Provided software modeling training and user assistance that yielded a 97%+ customer satisfaction rate.
• Identified and promoted multiscale sedimentology workflows from wellbore to reservoir; work “Integration of High Resolution Well Data to Reservoir Models in a Multiuser E&P Collaboration Environment" presented at the American Association of Petroleum Geologist in 2019.
• Developed worldwide training transformation plan that modularized and customized solutions for users of all levels and different learning profiles.
• Presented work “Training the next generation of professionals” which showcased the worldwide training transformation plan increasing collaboration among geoscientist and adoption by 10 different corporate disciplines, Geological Society of America, 2019 Annual Meeting, Arizona.
• Mentored a multi-disciplinary and cross-platform project case study for British Petroleum company oil field.
• Introduced new project datasets to deploy cross-platform and cross-discipline geoscience software workflows.
• Authored official reservoir modeling software course package for Property Modeling, Structural Modeling, Workflow Editor and Uncertainty Analysis.

Senior Geologist Paris, France, Jan 2012 - Dec 2015
Led reservoir modeling, customer service and training to clients worldwide. Performed business development. Generated marketing materials for company external website.
• Provided worldwide reservoir modeling training that yielded a 98%+ a customer satisfaction rating.
• Authored the first official reservoir modeling software manual with database data transfers workflows that became the benchmark for similar workflow courses.
• Authored and deployed the first two standard reservoir modeling course guides that met the New technology company worldwide objective.
• Introduced a new Australian offshore software project dataset used in challenging training exercises for structural modeling.
• Delivered 7 instructor certification workshops to certify 57 instructors worldwide in reservoir structural modeling.
• Provided worldwide reservoir modeling software training to customers in Geology, Well Correlation and Structural modeling.

Support Engineer Geologist, Bucharest – Romania, Sept 2006 - March 2009
Supported reservoir modeling, sales, consultancy, and training to customers in Continental Europe. Provided reservoir modeling customer training in Fundamentals, Geology and Structural modeling.
• Provided technical onsite support and workflow consultancy for Geoscientists in Oil and Gas companies across Continental Europe.
• Secured contract for fifty reservoir modeling software new client licenses resulting in significant revenues.
• Customized University courses at University of Bucharest, Romania.
• Authored the first “Getting started” course in reservoir modeling to be used to market the new software release to customers worldwide.

Web Design and Web Development Consultant, Stavanger, Norway, Nov 2004 - August 2006
Human Resources Webmaster, Montrouge, France, September 2001 - October 2004
• Designed, built, and maintained several websites utilizing Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop CS, Fireworks MX, Ulead Cool 3D Studio, DHTML, JavaScript.
• Designed and maintained several websites for Human Resources and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).

Additional relevant experience
Research assistant, UNIVERSITY OF MILANO, Earth Science Department, Milano, Italy
Post-Doctoral Researcher, UNIVERSITY OF GENOVA, Earth Science Department, Genova, Italy
Natural Science High School Teacher
- Nautical Technical Institute “S.Giorgio,” Genova, Italy
- Liceo Scientifico “Leonardo da Vinci,” Genova, Italy

Awards and Certifications

Instructor certifications: Petrel Fundamentals | Petrel Geology | Studio for Petrel | Studio for Techlog Petrel Structural modeling | Petrel Property modeling | Petrel Well correlations.


Leadership | Communication | Analysis | Resource Optimization | Innovation | Financial Acumen | Coaching and Training | Curriculum Development | Active Learner | Team Focus | Customer Focus | English, French, Italian Fluency

- Software: DELFI | Petrel | Techlog | Studio Manager | Studio for Petrel | Studio for Techlog Repository Sync Tool plugin | Techlog Connector for Studio | Studio database and data transfer Petrel-Techlog | DCMS Content Management System | Camtasia | Macromedia Flash MX Dreamweaver MX Adobe Photoshop CS | Adobe InDesign | Fireworks MX | Ulead Cool 3D Studio | Microsoft Office.

- Domains: Geology | Sedimentology | Stratigraphy | Data management | Marketing | Communications Technical writing | Well correlation | Core Analysis | Tectonic and Structure | Web Development | Web Design | DHTML | JavaScript.


- Post-Doctorate of Philosophy (Post-PhD), Sedimentology, University of Genova, Italy.
- Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), Earth Science University of Bologna, Italy.
- Sedimentologist on the ship "JOIDES Resolution" (Post-Doctorate work)
Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 180, Western "Woodlark Basin" (Papua New Guinea).
- Bachelor of Science (BS), Geology
University of Genova, Italy