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  • Alexis Garcia
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Technical expert with 18 years of experience in Onshore and Offshore environments in Production optimization and Well intervention operations (Rig & Rig less) in areas such as reservoir monitoring, production logging, perforating, thru-tubing and bullheading stimulation (Sandstones and Carbonates), remedial work for production enhancement and well integrity. Proficient in Artificial Lift, SCADA systems and Digital oilfield. Skilled in new technology development for downhole solutions. Strong Technical writing abilities, Technical Support and Training in Real time downhole fiber optic/electric telemetry systems. Analytical thinking and problem solving, able to apply technical knowledge for outstanding results. Project management skills with effective leadership in the different stages of the project’s life cycle


The Woodlands, TX


Project Manager. Technology Development. Houston, TX. USA Aug 2018 – Dec 2019
-Skilled management of the processes involved in the life cycle of new technology development projects. Experience in leading technical teams and helping them achieve excellence and high-quality results. Lead the main well intervention new technology projects focused on downhole inspection, on demand multilateral re-entry, a reconfigurable isolation tool and workover equipment to increase market share and position the company as the most reliable well intervention provider. -Collaboration with Supply Chain to manage vendors and contractors for a timely delivery -Originated the procurement process (RFQ) to get the materials and services required during the project phases. -Responsible of project scope, budget, project plan, cost estimating, reporting and project documentation -In charge of tools assembly, quality assurance, yard testing, verification, fit acceptance testing -Led all new technology field-testing and coordination with the operations team - In charge of the following projects: -Flow through Side view 360 degrees camera -Electrical actuator -Mechanical Indexing tool -Electrically actuated thru-Tubing Inflatable Straddle packer -Hydraulic Workover unit -Auto load transfer system for hydraulic workover units

Global Product Champion. Downhole Telemetry System. Houston, TX. USA Oct 2012 – Jul 2018
-Globally managing well intervention new technology portfolio and developing solutions through technical support to the operations and sales teams based on product development (manufacturing), commercialization and deployment of downhole tools. Technical training to operational workforce and generation of case studies. Responsible of fixed assets management, -Responsible of field trials worldwide performed in coordination with several Oil & Gas Companies. -Conducted technical presentations to several operator companies and in main Oil & Gas conferences. -Team member involved in the equipment design, development and implementation of smart downhole tools through the introduction of Phase I, II and III of a real-time fiber optic/electric telemetry system for coiled tubing with TCP, cased hole logging and electrical perforating in addition of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) capabilities to optimize fracturing/ stimulation operations and leak detection on well completions. -Phase I, a fiber optic telemetry system with a flow through tool with Pressure, Temperature and CCL sensors, commercialized in 2014. -Phase II upgraded the downhole tool to include Gamma Ray, Inclination, Tool Face, Tension and Compression sensors, commercialized in 2016. -Phase III upgraded the system to become an opto-electrical telemetry system capable of deploying regular wireline cased hole logging tools in addition of the flow through sensor tool commercialized in 2018.


Operations and Technical Engineer - Well Services. Cd. Del Carmen. Mexico Feb 2010 – Mar 2012
-Technical advisor for well intervention operations in the completion and well testing of the following Deepwater exploratory wells: Puskon1 (618 m/ 2027 ft water depth), Nen-1 (1493m / 4898ft water depth) and Talipau-1 (945m / 3100ft water depth) -Responsible for Coiled Tubing (CT) & Nitrogen operations of 09 CTU's (18 Total), 06 Nitrogen Units (21 Total) and 07 Pumping Units (16 Total) for PEMEX Marine Region (Offshore), the largest CT operation worldwide. -Monitored operations with a Real Time system to evaluate wells performance in Cantarell, Ku-Maloop-Zap, Abkatun and Litoral asset, including high pressure, high temperature and high H2S wells. -Service Quality and continuous improvement focused in reducing NPT events in all intervention operations -Advised solutions like the use of Fiber-Optic-Enabled Coiled Tubing Logging Tools and Distributed Temperature Surveys to increase wells productivity and diagnose well completion issues. PEMEX adopted the system to optimize gas lift completions, well stimulation diversion, radioactive tracers distribution, cross flow issues, perforating operations, wellhead replacements, velocity strings installations and gas and water shutoff jobs
-Led the offshore operation using a digital platform for Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen activities as well as people management involving around 100 employees.

Operations and Technical Engineer - Well Services. Cd. del Carmen, México Jul 2007 – Jan 2010
-Designed well intervention programs for main Cantarell Asset in PEMEX (Offshore), including subsea well interventions. -Provided technical recommendations including nodal analysis assessments to Cantarell Engineering team in order to increase oil wells productivity in those showing high water cut or gas production. -Monitored the operations using a Real Time satellite system to evaluate wells performance and ensure reliability in Cantarell asset -Advised the introduction of a Coiled Tubing telemetry system in Cantarell asset for pressure and temperature monitoring in real time. Cantarell asset adopted the system to monitor the production performance of the wells -Led the entire operation using a digital platform for Coiled Tubing Units and Nitrogen operations, monthly economic forecast preparation and follow up Invoicing and personnel around 30 people. -Technical Support on Basic and Advanced Training in well intervention services to supervisors and engineers

Technical Engineer - Well Services. Pointe Noire, Congo – West Africa. Aug 2006 – Jun 2007
-Responsible for New Technology solutions (Inflatable Packers) in order to solve conformance control issues -In Charge of Coiled Tubing well intervention, High Rate well Stimulation, Gravel pack programs, engineering design and technical review of activities for Total (Offshore), ENI (Offshore), Perenco (Offshore) and Zetah M&P (Onshore). -Advised technical solutions in well intervention and stimulation for Total E&P ENI, Perenco and Zetah in order to diagnose and correct anomalies to increase wells productivity. -Provided extended reach well intervention solutions to Total E&P using vibrating downhole tools for well stimulation in Nkossa field. -Technical group member responsible of the first multi stage fracturing campaign for ENI Congo in 4 wells. -Led the entire operation regarding logistics, equipment documentation, certification, chemicals supply for stimulation operations, invoicing and preparation for all the jobs.

Engineer in Charge - Well Services. Coca, Ecuador. Aug 2005 – Jul 2006
-Responsible for the operations of Coiled Tubing Unit and Stimulation Crews (03 Pumping units 1200 HP each one) to operators like OXY, Repsol, Perenco, Petroproducción, City Oriente. -Performed several types of jobs from High Rate Well Stimulation (bullheading) and CT Stimulation, including special stimulation fluid like a Viscoelastic Diverting Acid, water control treatments, Organic acids, Scale inhibition, Cement plugs, Downhole tools and Fishing jobs, ESP cleanouts and PLT’s in memory mode. -Supervised the entire operation regarding Logistics, equipment documentation, certification, chemicals supply for stimulation operations, invoicing and preparation for all the jobs and personnel around 20 people. -Involved in the Coiled Tubing Logging first campaign introduction for Perenco in Coca Ecuador 4 wells.
Field Engineer. Well Services. Perú, Colombia & Ecuador Aug 2001 – Jul 2005 Colombia (Yopal): -Responsible of well intervention programs, engineering design, jobs supervision and technical review of Coiled Tubing operations like N2 Kick-Off, Direct and reverse Sand Cleanouts, Hydraulic & Electric perforating, Cleanouts, Squeeze cementing, Sand plugs, Fishing, Pressure & Temperature logs in memory mode and Production Logging in real time for British Petroleum Exploration (BP) in Cusiana and Cupiagua fields. Involved in flowback/ testing operations. - Provided technical support to BP`s Well intervention team proposing solutions on wells requiring production enhancement. - Led the logistics needs for coiled tubing and nitrogen operations, equipment maintenance, certification and documentation. Colombia (Casabe): - Supervised the Coiled Tubing well Stimulation campaign for Ecopetrol. More than 10 wells were stimulated obtaining 80% production increased. In charge of logistics, jobs execution and technical reviews. Ecuador (Lago Agrio): - Designed technical programs for High rate Well Stimulation and CT well interventions for OXY, Repsol-YPF and Petroproduccion. - Supervised well stimulation operations in water injector wells for Repsol-YPF increasing injection rate until 100% - Provided water control solutions to Petroproduccion using a non-polymeric aqueous system Peru (Andoas): - Involved in Coiled Tubing (CT) well interventions like Well Stimulations, Perforation cleanouts, CT fishing, Hydraulic perforating and CT milling. - Responsible of Coiled tubing/ pumping equipment maintenance, certification, documentation and chemicals inventory on location.


BS. in Petroleum Engineer