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  • Ghofran Elsayed
    (056) 289-8394


I am recent Chemical Engineer graduate from the University of Ottawa in Ontatrio, Canada. I am currently residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia however i am open to reloaction anywhere where great opportunity is provided. 

I have numerous expereince in different feilds from both Canada and Saudi-Arabia. I am currently working at a Chemical Contruction Company in Jeddah where my main taks are quality control related. As a student i made sure to always fill my free time with part-time jobs to attain any expereince that can sharpen my skills. My journey in 4 years of engineering has also given me the chance to devise an intelligent planter with a team of 3 students which grew to be the first product of our start-up company. 

Due to my wide range of job experiences i have gained numerous skills which include technical skills (several programming languages (Java, C++..), Photoshop, Autocad, and soft skills such as sales, customer service, floor management and alot more as summerized in my resume. 


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Polywed Construction Chemicals (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Assistant Engineer
-Quality control: tested and assessed products in industrial and warehouse settings to ensure consistency
-Recorded and reported issues to help eliminate recurring problems
-Contacted suppliers and vendors for raw materials
-Made accurate suggestions to improve a specific part of the manufacturing process

Plantfully Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Devised an intelligent IoT planter with a team of 3 students that has 4 different sensors for monitoring a plant’s environment and alerting the user through notifications when care for the specific plant was needed

Nespresso (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Sales Representative
-Achieved personal and boutique sales level targets
-Checked the correspondence of sums received with the orders
-Up floor-sets and opening/closing procedures

(and more)

Awards and Certifications


(Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)


Software: UniSem, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Lab-Quest.
Programing Languages: C/C++, VBA, Java
Hand-on: Several chemistry lab experiences and designed architectural floor plans, elevations, and sections. Interpersonal Skills: Fluent in English, Arabic, and beginner-level French
Excellent communication skills, leadership skills, and technical skills acquired through teamwork involvement


Bachelors of Chemical Engineering
University of Ottawa (ON, Canada)