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  • Daniel Backry
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Experienced in production operations focusing on artificial lift and production surveillance.


Houston-TX, Midland-TX


Borets USA, Midland, TX –Reliability Engineer - March2020 – Current
Occidental petroleum ESP dismantle account manager. Evaluate equipment performance run electrical tests against API standards select motors, pumps, and cable for dismantle investigation. Conducted quality audits of inbound equipment and equipment designated for reclamation. Tracked key point data from equipment operation & personal performance.

Oxy, Midland, TX – Field Development Engineer Program – March 2019 – March 2020
Surveilled 280 wells for performance variances in Red bull south, Mentone and Collie fields. Quickly initiated troubleshooting best practices. Wrote a Beam lift displacement spreadsheet that identified wells that was over/ under displaced and optimized SPM & Stroke length upon verifying load changes via Rod Star Software. Identified and remedied ESP producers that were losing amperage load due to; gas interference and solids production. Monitored tubing and casing pressure changes for potential holes in tubing, and initiated trouble shooting procedure through WSM software. Worked on technological concepts presenting data for a new method to increase life and reduce cost. Proposed a 2.8 Million $ workover savings program for Delaware south field.

Jaggedpeak Energy, Monahans, TX – Field Production Engineer - September 2018 – March 2019
Surveilled all of Jaggedpeak wells 77 ESP’s, 40 Beam Lift 2 gas lift. Acted a company artificial lift equipment teardown witness for all ESP, Rod Pump, and Gas Lift Valve dismantles. Worked with service providers in selection of BHA’s for ESP and Beam lift applications. Worked with ad hoc team to design and build a high pressure gas lift system (3000psi, surface). Designed and managed construction of casing gas gather system that added significant flush production to beam lifted wells.

Sable Permian Resources, Big Lake, TX –Optimization Engineer - September 2016 – September 2018
Responsible for organizing root cause failure analysis meetings, served as ESP, Rod Lift, Gas Lift Valve DIFA witness. Designed a cost saving velocity string BHA design that eliminates risks of stuck packer, and had a sustained increase of gas production by an average of 32%. Provided Operation engineers with lift design and service bids. Member of surveillance team tasked to optimize production for 260 horizontals in the midland basin. Presented opportunities monthly in business meetings to engineering management.
Backry Consulting Inc., Midland, TX –Production Consultant - January 2016- September 2016
Provided clients with artificial lift design recommendations and supervised installations and well intervention projects on location for several small operators in the central basin platform. Witnessed ESP dismantles and wrote reports concerning my view on the failure mechanics.

Halliburton, Odessa, TX—Field Engineer Internship June 2015 – August 2015

EDUCATION - University of Oklahoma – Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Engineering - Graduated 3.14GPA – Dec 2015,

SOFTWARE - Drilling Info - PIPE SIM –Excel – ARIES -IHS Harmony –Prosper - S-ROD - Rod Star - Well View – Spotfire – LOWIS - Merrick Carte - CMG IMEX Black oil simulator - Petrel Seismic evaluation - Petrel well logs

SKILLS - Cash flow analysis - LOE analysis - Production Monitoring - Artificial lift installations - Flow back management - Type Curves - Delineating Benches - Development Evaluation - Inflow performance- Lift performance- Surveillance –Statistics - Decline curve analysis - Excel Solver & VBA for decline curve b & d optimization – Goal Setting – Scheduling


Production operations
Production surveillance
Workover operations
Artificial lift failure analysis
Artificial lift design - Materials focused
Chemical programs
Excel data analysis


University of Oklahoma – Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Engineering - Graduated 3.14GPA – Dec 2015