Contact Information

  • Stephen Carter
    (210) 844-4522


San Antonio


Petroleum Engineer with 36 years of exploring and producing oil and gas. Career shaped by performing engineering on field operations and promotion into management positions. Pioneered techniques to successfully improve drilling performance, frac efficiency, and cost controls for the life cycle of wells. Engineering expertise related to a wide spectrum of geologic basins in Texas and surrounding states.

Awards and Certifications

Professional Engineer, Texas, 63509


Engineering design & execution for drilling, completion and production operations. Areas include but not limited to vertical and horizontal wells, directional including rotary steerable, multi well pads with batch drilling and zipper fracing using water & LPG fluids, underbalanced and managed pressure drilling, artificial lift rod pump, gas lift, jet pump, and esp, coil tubing open hole drilling, fishing and rig-less completion methods to squeeze cement, plug and perforate, and stimulate, manage producing assets to optimize production, reduce LOE, divest & make offers on acquisitions, developing economic success in sandstone, carbonate & shale reservoirs.


University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering