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  • Ganesan Balaji
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Varied experience in process design & engineering and project management, program management for LNG, Oil & Gas (upstream & midstream) and petrochemical Greenfield & Brownfield developments globally.






Process Engineer | Cheniere Energy May 2018 - Apr 2020
• Performed varied process engineering, project management and operations support for LNG process units.
• LNG liquefaction facility emergency depressurisation procedure development study:
o Total responsibility to finalize the procedure.
o Coordination with engineering contractor to perform the task till completion.
o Methodology and company requirements were finalized, provided clarifications.
o Reviewed the deliverables from engineering contractor including simulations.
• GTG Fuel gas redundancy project: Objective was to link to sources of fuel gas to a header to gain higher reliability of fuel gas supply and power generation to sustain production:
o Project was initiated and required dynamic simulations for different
▪ Control schemes
▪ Scenarios
was performed and resolved long standing need of the facility.
o Management of change, PHA was used to implement the change.
o Single point responsibility, performed totally in house including stakeholder engagement.
o Control philosophy, set point and trip set points were provided to operations.
o Executed the change with maintenance personnel
• Molecular sieves for hydrocarbon adsorption: FEED study to adsorb heavy hydrocarbons using molecular sieves:
o Design basis development, process scheme, various process calculation checks was developed.
o Operating references were evaluated.
• Thermowell replacement project:
o As part of LNG plant debottlenecking effort, thermowells and temperature elements of LNG liquefaction unit to be replaced were identified using plant operating data, process simulation.
o Thermowell sizing software was used to calculate wake frequency and to size thermowells.
o Process data was provided to engineering company and their recommendation and thermowell sizing was evaluated.
o Specification issued to Vendors, Vendor offer evaluation and order was awarded.
o Installation was done during turnaround and maintenance personnel was supported with engineering and QA/QC activities.
o Management of Change was used to carry out the above change.
• Temporary propane fuel for flare pilots:
o Management of change was used to implement this need.
o Study was carried out to size the capacity of propane storage, process system design/engineering including site identification, coordination with vendor for system supply, commissioning and decommissioning of the temporary system during LNG liquefaction facility turnaround.
• Neutralization project: Water treatment generates chemical waste during cleaning and process system was designed to neutralize the chemical waste prior to sending to out fall.
o Developed design basis and process scheme alternatives.
o Coordinated with various complete system suppliers and provided the total project cost to sponsor.
• Supported control systems group, maintenance group, electrical group and mechanical group as part of interdisciplinary needs.
Consultant | Consulting Company Aug 2016 - May 2018
Providing engineering and project management services to upstream oil and gas production projects to improve/sustain production and safety requirements to clients.
Lead Process Engineer | LUKOIL OVERSEAS – Dubai, UAE Jul 2011 – Aug 2016
• Member of Gas Treatment Plant Project Team of West Qurna 2 Early Oil Field Development Program of LUKOIL
• Responsible for review and approval of FEED deliverables/document prepared by FEED Contractor including design review, HAZOP and SIL classification
• Coordinate with operations and reservoir group to organise and screen in order to define a proper basic design data
• Work with FEED Contractor to prioritise with the document issue schedule, participate in the risk review workshop and identify new risks / opportunities of the project.
• Liaise with Iraq counterparts to facilitate and clarify input data for preparation better definition of requirements
• Engage cost engineer to verify the basis used by FEED Contractor to determine the cost estimate of the facility
• Follow up progress of FEED with contractor’s project management team, resolve issues with respect to changing requirements and establishing the scope of work, input data and schedule to facilitate the technical study required for the revised/new requirement
• Develop scope of work for technical review of FEED document by third party contractor in order to meet the company project assurance procedure requirements and facilitate completion of review
• Coordinated with FEED Contractor with changed composition to check the FEED is suitable, i.e. FEED could process same quantity of raw gas and produce same specification sales gas, liquified natural gas products despite change in raw gas composition by employing simulation
• Risk on Long lead items award was mitigated by the internal study leading to agreement on same delivery schedule and same price with the equipment manufacfurer despite change in quantity and composition among different compressors
• Managed EPC Bidder's queries on the FEED Tender to ensure bid is in alignment with tender
• Developed the revised scope of work and faciliated in Licensor selection for Sulfur recovery process
• Managed the Iraq Government officials expectation on FEED deliverables
• Conducted internal study to assess the impact due to changes in reservoir/wellfluids composition and surface temperatures on existing Crude Oil Production Trains and identified the limits or changes required in the production trains during the entire life of field production .
Senior Process Engineer | ENI EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION DIVISION – Milan, Italy Sep 2007 – May 2010
• Responsible for concept/FED development for various assets of ENI
• Worked in OYO field development project (fast track), Nigeria comprising development of subsea field and using FPSO for oil and gas production including gas injection and water injection - reviewed Flow assurance input data and study reports, process deliverables of FPSO Topsides, certain deliverables of subsea production system including flow lines, risers, wellhead P&IDs and umbilical
• Prepared EPC/FEED document of Belayim Produced water treatment plant, Egypt, in coordination with consultant - including formation/review of input data, process scheme and review of deliverables from consultant
• Initiated feasibility study for Darquain Field Development Phase 3, Iran - coordinated with engineering consultant regarding the input data and other deliverables. Reviewed the engineering deliverables from engineering consultant against agreed design values
• Commenced work on Field development, Iraq - the project is envisaged to be carried out in phases and SOW for the initial phase is developed and input data required for the field development was being collated in coordination with field operations team, reservoir/drilling group
• Developed oilfield surface facility development options and facilitated the business process to acquire new oilfield in Iraq through international bid round.
Design Engineer (Process) | KUWAIT OIL COMPANY (KOC) May 2006 – Aug 2007
• Developing concept/FED including process design basis, P&IDs, Process and Hydraulic Simulation, Process datasheets and scope of work to be issued for the LSTK contractor, for various assets of KOC spread over Kuwait
• Developed scope of work and engineering documentation in short timeframe to sustain production level
• Involved in following projects….
✓ Gathering Centre-28 Effluent Water Treatment System Upgrade - addition of transfer pump, Effluent water balance tank and Effluent water disposal pumps
✓ Bulk Storage plant for Chemicals - a new facility for bulk storage of various production chemicals used in all GCs
✓ Upgrade of Minagish Water injection Plant – addition of Effluent water balance tank to handle forecasted water injection handling to meet injection water targets
✓ Installation of Liquid Separator in the 24” gas pipeline – installation of liquid separator to recover the condensate generated in the pipeline at 3/4th the length of pipeline
Senior Process Engineer | WorleyParsons Group Oman Engg LLC - Muscat Sep 2003 - Mar 2006
• Deputed to Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), and worked on following projects……
Concept (Process) support to Fahud Asset Team, PDO (Brownfield)
✓ Studied adequacy of existing HP gas grid for the proposed gas injection and production forecast and proposed options for debottlenecking (Model was developed in PIPESIM 2003 and shell correlations were used for the study)
✓ Developed various options of surface facility for each subsurface development option in PetroVR software to generate the forecast for each option. Quality check of the forecast for various development options is carried out. Developed the capacity curves for equipment (viz. separator, surge tanks, etc.) at each gathering station to establish the existing processing capacity and the required additional capacity for each forecast. This exercise is carried out to facilitate operating company management to decide on the options to be considered for field development based on economic indicators for a period of 30 years
✓ Performed equipment sizing for production separator, surge tank, Blowers/ Compressors, Export pumps, LP Flare, AP flare, LP flare KO drum, gas header, gross liquid export header, etc., for various options. This is carried out for 4 gathering stations, 1 gas compression station and 1 Liquid pumping station
✓ Carried out Steam header modeling in PIPESIM2003 for sizing of injection steam headers for EOR option
✓ Carried out NGL recovery study from the condensate of compressor inter stage separators and export gas using various options to decide on the suitable option including the simulation of existing condensate stabilizer unit and to increase the net crude export including HYSYS simulation
✓ Developed the operating envelope of existing production separators at gathering station for the latest GLR to determine its capacity and consequently arrive at the additional capacity required for the new facility
✓ Prepared Fahud Export Main Oil line hydraulics in PIPESIM2003 to establish the system hydraulics for various operating scenarios and the data was used for troubleshooting, sizing the control valves, and to determine the export capacity of the pipeline
✓ Reviewed consultant’s documents viz. PEFS, design basis, study reports, control philosophy for various Field Change Proposals (FCPs) of gathering stations, water flood project and technical support to Fahud Asset Team
✓ Conducted Desktop study to estimate the oil deferment due to additional backpressure at wellhead for central gathering station option as part of the Fahud Field development study
✓ Performed study on NGL retention - extensive sampling campaign was organized at various fields to obtain the latest PVT data and developed HYSYS model including 4 fields gathering station and crude stabilization plant to determine the extent of NGL retained and to determine the revised operating pressure to be maintained to maintain the desired TVP of the Export crude
Pigging sludge disposal of water injection line, Fahud E Station, PDO
✓ Checked adequacy of the existing system, the capacity of liquid handling system, and Hydraulic of the lines
Condensate ingress into compressor scrubbers, Fahud D station, PDO
✓ Performed detailed design to avoid the liquid entry into existing compressor and installation of ESD valves in the condensate line from the inter stage and discharge scrubbers of gas lift compressors
Dhulaima Gathering Station for Bulk oil lines and W.I header, PDO
✓ Detailed Engineering for the On Plot Facilities comprising Multiport selector valves, manifold and Bulk oil headers for 24 oil wells, Gas Lift Header and individual gas lift lines, Water Injection Header and Relief/Drain vessel
Surge Tank LP Flare and AP Flare system study, Fahud Stations, PDO
✓ Study for determining the capacity of surge tanks for gross liquid handling based on AP flare capacity and degassing requirements to facilitate to decide on the equipment addition required to achieve more throughputs in the production station. This study output is used to decide the additional facility capacity required to sustain the production forecast
Gas Composition Study
✓ To determine the composition of the gas to gas turbine from the gas supply header. Various upset cases and scenarios were considered to arrive at the composition of the fuel gas to validate whether PMIRS, Modified Wobbe Index goes below the value desired by the gas turbine vendor. HYSYS was used to estimate the gas composition etc.
Fahud B Gathering Station Shipping Pumps Relocation
✓ Detailed engineering to facilitate relocation of existing shipping Pumps to new foundation. Hydraulics of suction and discharge lines of export pumps, NPSHA check, etc.
Yibal C Gas compressor relocation to Fahud
✓ Study to determine the suitability of Yibal C Gas compressor to Fahud gas operating conditions. Simulation was carried out in HYSYS to estimate the performance of the compressor for revised gas composition, suction and discharge conditions using the performance curve. Compressor power, pressure ratio, discharge temperature, compressor speed was analyzed for the revised operating conditions
Barik Central Gathering Station
✓ Performed the flare header system modeling in PIPESIM2003 to establish the backpressure at the relief valves, Mach No., etc. in the main header and relief valve tailpipe.
Process Engineer | PAN EMIRATES ENGINEERING LIMITED, Abu Dhabi Mar 2002 – Aug 2003
Projects Handled & Works Executed
• Qatar Petroleum – Halul Island Power Station Phase II (seconded to Veco Engineering)
✓ HYSYS Process Simulation. Flare K.O Drum, Fuel Gas K.O Drum and slug catcher sizing, line sizing, blow down and depressuring study. Process data input to vessels, pumps, relief valve, etc. Develop PFD, P&IDs
• Cawthorne Channel Associated Gas Gathering Project, Nigeria (Seconded to NAMA Mott MacDonald)
✓ Established the equipment and piping volumes of gas plant for depressurization inventories and carried out. Depressuring study in HYSYS for the various inventories of gas plant to establish the maximum blow down rates
✓ Carried out the Line size check for the blow down lines using ESI software. Developed the line list for Gas Plant P&IDs, process data for R.Os. Carried out relief valve sizing for the gas plant
• Shah Artificial Lift Oil Wells / ASAB Artificial Lift Oil Wells (for ADCO)
✓ Basic and detailed engineering including Preparation of PFD, P&ID, equipment list, line list, design basis for wellheads, Inlet Manifold, Process Simulation; reparation of Choke Valve, Surface Safety Valve datasheet and other process input for Instrument datasheets

Awards and Certifications

• Hysys, Olga
• PMI Training - Risk management, Volunteering
• Project Management Professional - PMP, Risk Management Professional – RMP
• Program Management Professional - PgMP
• Lukoil Project Management Course
• Primavera Scheduling
• Advanced Work Packaging - AWP


• M. Tech (Biotechnology)
• B. E. (Chemical Engineering)