Contact Information

  • Aura Araque-Martinez
    (713) 231-4398


Highly experienced reservoir engineer, currently seeking for a new job opportunity, preferably as a contractor or consultant.  I have a PhD in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas (UT) and more than 30 years of industrial (technical and supervisory) and research experience with PDVSA, Object Reservoir, Weatherford and The University of Texas at Austin.   My dissertation at UT was on geochemical flow modeling applied to scales formation.  I am the co-author of 25 publications, one monograph and more than 40 technical reports including Integrated Reservoir studies for light, condensate and heavy oil as well as tight oil, tight gas and shale plays in Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, China, Pakistan, Oman, Nigeria, Canada and USA.

I have worked in several areas related to reservoir engineering and numerical simulation, that I hope are of interest to you.  These include:
• Thermal oil recovery

• Inflow Control devices (ICD/AICD) modeling

• Water chemistry flow modeling (scales formation)

• Transient Analysis (PTA/RTA)

• Prospectively Analysis

• Unconventional (shale and tight) production

• Completion optimization in multifrac-horizontal wells

• Secondary recovery (waterflood, gas injection)

• Refracturing candidate selection

• Production from GOM shelf reservoirs

• Benchmarking

• Effect of compressible flow on viscous fingering

• Oil production forecast by using simple models 

• Koval approach investigations

• NPV analysis

As you can see, my background is both diverse and in depth.  My first language is Spanish but I speak and write excellent English.  


Houston, Texas


3/2018 present Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Dept. at UT – Austin, Texas
Consultant Researcher
Investigated the effect of fluid compressibility on flow displacement during CO2 storage in aquifers with partially sealed boundaries. Developed a semi-analytical solution for pressure profile with time for compressible flow. Applied perturbation analysis to evaluate compressibility effects on viscous instabilities as part of the Center for Subsurface Energy Security CO2 storage project funded by the Department of Energy Basic Sciences (2018) and the GoMCarb project (Risk Management task, 2019) for the BEG-Austin.
Investigating the use of simple models to predict oil production (2020). Verifying the so-called Koval approach for predicting the effects of heterogeneity and mobility contrast on sweep efficiency.

2012 1/2018 Weatherford International – Houston, Texas
Advisor Reservoir Engineer
Successfully supervised several integrated teams (geoscientists and reservoir engineers) to deliver effective clients solutions in a timely manner. Worked on different unconventional oil and gas reservoirs projects worldwide such as:
• Refrac candidate selection (Vaca Muerta shale oil formation, Argentina)
• Completion optimization project for a typical well (Colombia).
• Prospectively evaluation for shale/tight plays (Sembar and Telhar, Pakistan).
• Integrated Drilling & Completion project (Lower Al-Bashair and Kufhai, Oman).
• Dynamic modeling for inflow control devices (Nigeria and Venezuela).
• Developed a Refrac candidate selection workflow
Temporary managed 5-6 reservoir engineers within the Petroleum Consulting group. Generated job descriptions and career paths for different reservoir engineering levels. Certified as Weatherford Qualified Assessor. Interacted with clients through visits, lunch & learns and technical proposals/presentations. Coached junior engineers

2004 2012 Object Reservoir (Acquired by Weatherford on Jan 2012) – Houston, Texas
Senior Reservoir engineer and Technical advisor
• Supervised 4-6 reservoir engineers, completion engineers and geoscientists in different integrated projects. Coached junior reservoir engineers
• Worked in multiple Gulf of Mexico dynamic reservoir characterization projects
• Tight oil project (Chicontepec, Mexico). Tight gas (Lajas, Precuyano, Argentina and Horn River, Granite Wash, USA). Tight condensate projects (Sierras Blancas, Argentina)
• Multi-client shale gas projects Montney, Haynesville and Marcellus.
• Technical advisory team member to peer review Object Reservoir technical work. Technical Sales Support. Clients visits and proposals
• Investigation projects such as: BHP correlations uncertainty, Effect on recovery of pressure dependent permeability, conductivity degradation and fractures complexity, and Permeability averaging during transient flow regime.

7/2003 9/2003 Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Dept. at UT – Austin, Texas
Consultant Researcher
Updated the Geochemistry flow wellbore simulator to model CO2 injection in aquifers for Drs. Lake and Bryant research group.

2001 2003 PDVSA-Intevep – Los Teques, Miranda - Venezuela
Specialist for Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
Developing and coupling a Geochemical flow wellbore simulator to an in-house black-oil simulator. Developed a simple model for electromagnetic heating

1997 2001 Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Dept. at UT – Austin, Texas
Research Assistant for Geochemical Modeling/ Teaching Assistant/ PhD candidate
• Developed a Fortran coded wellbore simulator to investigate rock-fluid interactions under non-equilibrium and equilibrium conditions and its effect on well impairment.
• Assisted Dr. Larry W. Lake with his Geostatistics, Reservoir Engineering, and Geochemistry and Fluid Flow courses. PhD dissertation/program.

1987 1997 PDVSA-Maraven – Caracas - Venezuela
Specialist for heavy oil Exploitation
• Evaluated new technologies to be applied in Venezuelan heavy oil fields to improve oil recovery. Implemented the first SAGD well in Tia Juana field with very successful results.
Reservoir Engineer/Simulation for Bolivar Coastal fields (Thermal Recovery)
• Integrated studies, optimum location proposals, Steam soak projects surveillance. Developed correlations for steam volumes per foot to optimize. Reservoir management. Short and long-term planning and subsidence forecasting in the Bolivar Coastal fields.

1979 1987 PDVSA-Corpoven – Caracas - Venezuela
Reservoir Engineer for Conceptual Development of Apure Basin Pilot Area
Reservoir Simulation Engineer for light oil reservoirs located at Western Venezuela.
Special Assignment as Reservoir Simulation Engineer at BP offices in London-UK
Reservoir Engineer for light oil and condensate reservoirs at Eastern Venezuela.

Awards and Certifications

“Fundación Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho” (Venezuela) Scholarship, 1975-1979
Maraven (Venezuela) scholarship, 1991-1993
Phillips fellowship, 1999
SPE Technical Editor 2006 – present
2010 Outstanding SPE Technical Editor Award


Fluent in English and Spanish
Proficiency in FORTRAN as programming language, Microsoft Office,
Eclipse/Petrel, KAPPA Topaze, WellFlo, PanSystem, STARS, t-Navigator, Resolve,
Limits-Orka, Spotfire, PVTSim, MatBal, MATLAB.
Leadership ability, Interpersonal, Communication and Teaching Skills
Numerical Reservoir Simulation, Reservoir Management
Rock-Fluids interactions (Water Geochemistry - Scales)
Thermal Recovery
Reservoir Characterization
Unconventional Reservoirs (Shale/Tight oil and gas)
Transient analysis (PTA/RTA)
Benchmarking studies
Inflow control devices modeling (gas and water management control)
Prospectively Analysis


1979 Petroleum Engineer Universidad Central de Venezuela - Caracas, Venezuela

1988 No Degree Universidad Católica Andrés Bello - Caracas, Venezuela. One-year courses towards the MBA program
1993 MSc The University of Texas at Austin, Texas
2000 Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin, Texas
Geochemical flow - Scales