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Petrophysicist with passion for sharing technical knowledge, assurance, support, and coaching in petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and climate change. Effective communicator, and project manager known for building strong relationships with colleagues to identify issues and implement innovative solutions to meet business needs. Collaborative leader, lecturer, and published author with demonstrated successes in directing functional teams to deliver process improvements, streamlined efficiencies, and the attainment of corporate initiatives.




Trinidad and Tobago


BPTT, Various Locations 2009 – 2020
Petrophysics Discipline Lead, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 01/2013 – 11/2020
Provided petrophysical assurance of technical work of five petrophysicists delivering new drills and recompletions for Trinidad conventional gas and thin-bedded / secondary pay located in the Columbus Basin deltaic deposits.

• Developed and deployed self-verification checklists and “handrails” for petrophysical workflows. Ensured handrails contained detailed workflows and software screen captures and their use resulted in more complete, consistent petrophysical processing results from the team.
• Delivered data acquisition strategy for the Columbus Basin to address uncertainties including thinly bedded pay, compartmentalization, and sand production.
• Updated upscaled permeability transforms tuned to the Pressure Transient Analysis, resulting in improved assurance on predicted gas rates linked to delivery of promised revenue. Co-authored a technical paper based on these activities to share knowledge with peers on previously undocumented processes in Trinidad.
• Provided petrophysical input for estimation of potential volume available for storage and injection rates for carbon dioxide as the sole petrophysicist on the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Team to meet company goals of more environmentally responsible operations.

North Africa Petrophysics Discipline Lead, BP, Sunbury on Thames, UK, 05/2011 – 12/2012
Delivered petrophysical support and assurance to the Bourarhat Sud Sunbury-based team for Algerian tight gas sands located in Bourarhat Sud glacial deposits. Guided and shared input to the petrophysicists in skills “baselining sessions”.

• Generated updated permeability model, used in estimates of permeability post hydraulic fracturing.
• Produced comprehensive documentation detailing the petrophysical analysis methods for these tight sands collaborating with other team members to quickly produce a timely reference.
Senior Petrophysicist, BPTT, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 01/2009 – 04/2011
Spearheaded the BPTT Petrophysics refresh project which entailed supervision of six other petrophysicists to test and select the most appropriate petrophysical methods for the Columbus Basin.

• Delivered a peer-reviewed, guidelines document to ensure all petrophysical evaluations would be completed consistently in the future. This led to improved assurance of inputs to resource / reserve estimates and predicted production rates.
• Co-authored two technical papers based on this work to share with peers previously undocumented work in Trinidad.

Awards and Certifications

Society of Petroleum Engineers Latin American and Caribbean Regional Award in Formation Evaluation, 2018. Recognized as the first member of the Trinidad and Tobago section to receive this award.


Risk Identification / Mitigation
Best Practices
Performance Development


Master of Philosophy, Petroleum Engineering
The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering
The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad