ࡱ> egd Q'bjbj Zp"gp"g34hB4D*((((\\\?DADADADADADAD$FINeD\\\\\eD((4zD!!!\((?D!\?D!!6>A(Nf&|?+DD0D?II8AA&IA\\!\\\\\eDeD \\\D\\\\I\\\\\\\\\X l: Achille Wabo Djepum, PE, PMP, CSSBB 832-774-3136 Houston, TX 77494 achilledjepum@yahoo.com www.linkedin.com/in/achille-wabo-djepum Drilling Operation | Project Management | Process Improvement | Quality Assurance | Data Analytics Professional Engineer offering 12 years experience backed by sound education and training in Data Analytics, Drilling Operations, Field and Remote Operations, full range Measurement / Logging While Drilling MWD/LWD technology, Occupational Safety, Data and Service Quality. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with ability to work in a team environment or independently. Excellent multitasking ability, working under pressure and swiftly adapting to dynamic requirements. Motivated and meticulous with a passion for continuous improvement and a strong work ethic. Core Skills Data / Service Quality Assurance / Control Remote Operations, Project Management Field Service Engineer, Operation support Radiation Safety, QHSE Wellbore Surveying, Survey corrections Technical Support, Service Delivery Drilling Optimization, Shocks, Vibrations Field Data Acquisition, WITS, WITSML Data Science, Business Analytics Images, Telemetry, Data transmission Deepwater, HPHT, MPD, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic East Canada, Gulf of Guinea, Qatar, Guyana, Land, ESSO Chad Engineering specifications, Six Sigma Software: Python, R, SQL, Microsoft Office suite, MS. Project, Maxwell, HSPM, IDEAL, InterAct, Perform Toolkit PTK, TechLog, Welleye, Drilling Office, DDToolbox LWD technologies: Resistivity, Density, Porosity, Acoustics, Geosteering, GeoStopping, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Spectroscopy, Gamma Ray, Sigma, Internal/ Annular Pressure, Temperature, Formation Pressure, permeability Drilling Mechanics, Module MWD Technologies: Mud Pulse Telemetry, Washout Detection, Stuck Pipe prevention Accomplishments 2020: Authored Management of Innovation in global organizations Case of Schlumberger published in volume 22(11), 2020 at Journal of Applied Business and Economics (www.nabpress.com) 2020: Authored "Ramp Up of Logging While Drilling Remote Operation Hits a Wall" available at  HYPERLINK "https://pubs.spe.org/en/dsde/dsde-article-detail-page/?art=7420" https://pubs.spe.org/en/dsde/dsde-article-detail-page/?art=7420 2014: Schlumberger VP Award Winner - Introduction of SeismicVISION LWD service in Canada 2012: Success in HPHT Well Execution for EurOil Cameroon 2002: The youngest and most deserving laureate of Littoral province in Cameroon 2002: Ranked 1st over 2000 candidates at Polytechnique engineering school entrance exam Professional Experience Schlumberger, Various Locations 02/2008 04/2020 Remote Operations Engineer, Houston, TX, 05/2019 04/2020 Delivered Logging While Drilling (LWD) services remotely in North Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Improved overall operational efficiency via sound planning, reduced rework to prevent Non-Productive Time (NPT), costly bit trips ($1Million / day) and reduced safety risks to field crew. Reduced Surveying uncertainty in real time caused by highly variable magnetic field. Monitored Drilling dynamics for Extended Reach Drilling to prolong tool life, improved hole cleaning to prevent stuck pipe, aiming to eliminate NPT. Delivered High-Tier services: field tested latest LWD technology. Results will determine future technology development and client's buy-in. Worked in fast-paced operations; made contingency plans to adjust on very short notice. Managed workload, up to 4 rigs per 12-hours shifts, with near 70% utilization, while delivering flawless service quality. Re-enforced client's trust in remote operations business model, securing future business. Schlumberger General Field Engineer, Newfoundland, 02/2008 04/2019 Assumed project team lead role, Took ownership of LWD service delivery at wellsite. Project: Tracked and optimized Cost of Service Delivery (COSD) with $277k / 25% reduction YOY Lead team of 6 field engineers during execution/ monitoring/ closing phases of drilling operation Provided expert advice during Drilling Well On Paper DWOP and pre-spud meetings and wrote client-specific SOP; kept current with changes in technologies. Monitored hydraulics to advise drillers on any sign of hole problems; mitigated shocks and vibrations to reduce Non-Productive Time NPT and improve drilling efficiency. Basket tested Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA) to confirm LWD tools / software compatibility. Participated in failure investigations to prevent future occurrences / improved BHA reliability. Accelerated learning curve by capturing / distributing Lessons learned during After Action Reviews; mentored over 20 junior engineers. Schlumberger Engineer in Charge, Douala, Cameroon, 01/2011 02/2014 Project management of LWD service delivery for 3 wells. Planned and Reviewed LWD tool order to ensure tool specifications were within drilling and environmental parameter constraints. Coordinated team of 20 throughout planning, execution, monitoring and closing phases Supported wellsite crew requirement; Followed-up on drilling tools mobilization. Performed billing and revenue tracking. Prepared bidding documents for submission to Request for Proposals RFP Schlumberger Radiation Safety Officer, Douala, Cameroon 08/2010 - 02/2014 Administered monitoring through dosimeter. Performed radio-active source administration inventory and leak testing; shipped radio-active source in compliance with international regulations. Improved Radiation score Card from Category 3 Non-compliant (50%) to Category 1 (90%) compliance to Schlumberger radiation standard and country regulations Performed party audits and implemented Remedial Work Plans Coordinated Inspection by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in 2013. Schlumberger Safety and Quality Team Leader, Douala, Cameroon, 02/2008 02/2014 Coordinated activities of Loss Prevention Team and Quality Steering Committee Team. Improved location wellsite standard audit compliance from Non-Compliant (50%) to Basic Compliance (75%). Implemented QHSE reward system that increased hazard identification awareness and hazard reporting entries / improved employee safety behavior through meetings / training. Improved overall workplace safety by developing preventive plans and communicating suggestions and quality improvement plans to management. Education 2020: Master of Technology Management, Engineering & Applied Sciences (GPA 3.9 / 4) Operations / Innovation / Risk Analysis, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology - Quality Systems - Sustainability and Environment Responsibility - Project Management - International Development. Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada 2020: Post Graduate Certificate, Applied Data Science Python, Data Analysis and Visualization, Statistics, Distributions, Sampling, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, Modeling and Interpretation, Classification with K-Nearest Neighbors, Decision Tree Models, Clustering, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Data Wrangling, Pattern exploration Columbia Engineering United States of America 2007: Bachelors & Master of Science (M.S.) Industrial Engineering, with High Honors (GPA: 3.81/4) Ecole Nationale Superieure Polytechnique - Cameroon Certifications | Affiliation Schlumberger Training: Engineer-1(2008), Scope Class (2009), Advanced Interpretation (2010), Grade-11 GFE Controls (2011), QHSE-2(2011), Measurements Deepwater Class(2015), Radiation Safety Officer (2010), Remote Operations Engineer (2019), OFS-1(2008), OFS-2(2009), OFS3 (2011) Gulf Of Mexico Safety certificates expiry dates: TWIC (2027), Safe Gulf/Rig Pass(Permanent), H2S (2018), T-HUET (2021), Personnel Transfer/Swing Rope (No Expiry), Respirator Fit Test (2018), Medical(2020), Commentary Task Assessment (2020) Professional Engineer, P.E (APEGA.CA) Project Management Professional, PMP (PMI.ORG) Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, CSSBB (ASQ.ORG, Sixsigma-Institute.org) Certified Analytics Professional (Informs.org)     #$018:<=BCD\`õuguguguuuYuughoShD,5CJ\aJhIhD,5CJ\aJhD,5CJ\aJ hRhCAh=ICJaJhh$CJaJhdCJaJhhCACJaJh2`BCJaJhdh$5CJ\aJhdh$5CJ\aJhCA5CJ\aJhcW5CJ\aJhC5CJ\aJhRhR5CJ\aJ$1\' ( 4 5 `  < a  & F hZ`gd7 & F hZZ^ZgdC & F hZZ^Zgdgd$a$gdKvgdCA$a$gdD,gdR$a$gdR         & 5 B F V ^ _ a e g i k p u v {  C T V _ d f ɺ樨h@| hRhCAhhD,CJaJhhCJaJ hCAhD,hCAhD,CJaJhIhD,5CJ\aJhh hRhD,hD,hXhy5CJ\aJ@   % & ' ( 3 4 5 9 : ; < C D J U V W X _ ` g s    ĵĢĞėĪh3 hRh@"h@"hCAhYqZ hRhRh+h% hRhh4EhhRhhCA5\hRhR5\hCAhCACJ^JaJhdhhC hRhCA: ' ( ) / 0 1 ; < > J R T _ ` a m o t    , 7 8 9 A C S w x :RmtuwҾҺҶڲھƾ hRh7hD,hh)h1nGhhhiyhhc Yh7hO h4EhK{h-} hRhCAh)BXh3 hRh+hC  8 9 #$44m. & FgdO$a$gdO hZgdB@ & F hZZ^Zgdiy hZZ^Zgdiy & F hZZ^Zgd7 & F hZZ^Zgdc Y & F hZ`gd7  #$034:CDEFOtuv|0@KLM*0о h <0Jh <jh <U hOhO h/L<h/L<h)h/L<hRhO5CJ\aJhO5CJ\aJ hiyhB@h4Ehiyh1nGD034mpq#-.0:;EGMNORVWX\^`ackly|{{{ hbD5\ h 5\hRhR5\ hd5\hdhCA5\hdhd5\hR hRhK{ hRhCAhRhCA5\hRhK{5CJ\aJhRhR5CJ\aJhO5CJ\aJhOh{e hOhO/.a ,XYRSOR:;:gd$gdCA & FgdyOu & FgdbD & FgdbDgdbDgdR#0EGP^cefhikly~Ⱦh# h hbDh+ hbDhCA hbDhRhCACJ^JaJhRCJ^JaJhCAhCACJ^JaJhRhCA5\h hdhR hdh  hdhCA hdhd;   '03IK`bgops}'*+,03:;IKMQdgop} hbDhbD hbDhCAh^'0>IKOWXYfghop}~ (02378=@GNQh-} hbDhhh yeh hd hbDhbD hbDhK{hbDhCA5\ h$5\hbDh$5\ hbDhCAFQRSXegpq  "$08MNO]adelpq  089:PQR_hbDh$ hbDhCAh>uC hbDhhCAY_abcdelpq  089:;FHIJKMSV\dinpqrsŻ񟛛hdhK{ h$hCA h$hK{h+hK{5\h+hCA5\ h$5\h$h$5\hbDh$5\hCAhCACJ^JaJhyOuh$h hbDhCA=svwxyz} 069:;F\]p|}  #$02h[7UhhO h$h$hCAh$hdh yehK{ h$hCAS:; PQ[]4)*@ $a$gd ye & F gd yegdCA & F gdgd yegd & Fgd$gd$23AFJOPQ^_`nxyz  !/0AFI[\]^n h yehd h+hCAhhCA5\hh$5\ hhCA h$h[7Uh[7UP /034;>?@AFW^n "$'()*+ž񺾾񾾾񶯾 h yeh yehCAhd h yehCA h+hCAh+hCA5\hh ye5\hCAhCACJ^JaJh Ah yeh hhCAE+0AF^dnrsvw        # + 0 ? @ A F V ^ n ühLht 5\ ht 5\h yehK{5CJ\aJh yeh ye5CJ\aJ h yehhhh h yeh yeh ye h yehCAF ! ! ! !!!!!'!(!)!*!,!-!2!8!:!E!F!H!T!U!V!W!b!c!g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" 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