SPE GCS YP Emerging Engineers Conference 2016
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The SPE-Gulf Coast Section Emerging Engineers Conference (EEC) is an annual conference designed specifically for young professionals (YPs) and provides a forum to explore topics that help shape and develop their careers. The 2016 Emerging Engineers Conference featured technical and soft skills presentations, panel discussions, e-poster competition, and networking events. This year, the conference was organized at the ExxonMobil Campus in North Houston, on June 23, 2016 and focused on the theme ‘Asset Management 2.0 – Driving Operational Efficiency in Challenging Environments’. The keynote speaker at 2016 EEC was Vicki Hollub, President & CEO at Occidental Petroleum. The conference hosted various lectures and panel sessions that focused on actions YPs can take to drive innovation and efficiency in operations and asset management strategies, providing essential tools for career development of young engineers. The 2016 edition of the Emerging Engineers Conference hosted more than 250 attendees and 15 speakers, making it one of the largest YP events organized by the SPE-Gulf Coast Section.