• Stratford High School - 1981
  • Rice University, BS in Chemical Engineering - 1985
  • Columbia University, MBA - 1989

In 1981, I was ecstatic to receive an SPE-GCS scholarship. This was during one of the most dynamic and volatile times in the oil and gas industry (sound familiar?), and I was enamored to be a part of it. My first experience in the industry was as a reservoir engineering intern doing reservoir simulation of the Prudhoe Bay field for BP (then Sohio) in San Francisco. A key differentiator on my resume in getting the internship was my SPE-GCS scholarship award,

After I graduated from Rice University, I returned to BP as a production engineer in their midcontinent division in Oklahoma City. I designed and ran the company’s first frac job on a Hunton well in what would become the SCOOP, drilled wells, and implemented secondary recovery projects. As part of my commitment to lifelong learning, I returned to school and earned an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School. While there, I interned with Exxon Mobil in Supply & Trading for their Far East refineries, then joined their Corporate Treasury after graduation.

My engineering and business experience gave me the opportunity to make a significant career shift into management consulting and I became a consulting manager for Deloitte Consulting in New York City. I assisted clients on business challenges, including Texaco defending itself against litigation related to royalty underpayments and a German energy company investigating its US management’s speculative oil commodity dealings. I also had the opportunity to run Saudi Aramco’s internal management consulting organization, focusing on developing strategy and improving processes at the world’s largest oil company. The high likelihood to have an expat assignment during your career is one of the most attractive things about the oil and gas industry–and one that all engineers should pursue!

Now I am the Senior Manager for Sogeti Capgemini, and I manage technology-driven projects related to digital transformation and Big Data for energy and non-energy related companies. In addition, I co-manage partnerships that invest in mineral rights.

As an active member of SPE that supports scholarship, I encourage everyone to keep learning and trying different challenges. As they say, “Life is a journey, not a destination!” Please feel free to contact me at