• University of Texas at Austin, BS, Petroleum Engineering - 2004
  • Rice University, MBA - 2010

The SPE-GCS scholarship helped fund an education that was a critical enabler of my career in the oil and gas industry. The scholarship provided financial security for me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

I also received consecutive summer internship opportunities with Chevron in Oklahoma, California and Louisiana. These internships led to an offer of full-time employment with Chevron as a drilling company man working in the western intercontinental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico. I still remember how excited I was to enter the industry to work for a large, reputable, international oil major. It was a role I could only dream of when listening to my father’s stories of a drilling career in the oil patch.

I’ve continued to work for Chevron in various parts of the world through both upcycles and downcycles. Each role and location have provided their own unique challenges and surprises that I would never have had the opportunity to experience had it not been for receiving my degree.

To high school graduates looking to pursue a career in the energy industry, my recommendation is to obtain the skills and education necessary to pursue and support your passions and to continually try to understand the world’s energy needs.