Career Transition Primer

Your Gulf Coast Section ((713) 779-9595) and national SPE ((800) 456-6863) office have services available for the under-employed, unemployed, or those seeking self-employment. These services seem to be changing monthly, so call to find out what the latest information is.

Some of these services currently (3-96) available at the local level are:

  1. An office at 7500 San Felipe, Suite 420 with computers, printers, and the opportunity to go "online".
  2. $15 discounts on technical meetings if you are out of work.
  3. Workshops on how to find a job in the nineties.
  4. A BBS and a Web page (use the SPE office if you don't have your own computer and modem) with access to local job banks and job opportunities through the Internet.
  5. The opportunity to network with your fellow petroleum engineers at numerous study group meetings.

Services available at the national level include:

  1. Health and life insurance.
  2. Two job bank / database systems.
  3. A personnel directory.
  4. The opportunity to network at the national meetings.