• Katy High School - 2008
  • Texas A&M University - College Station, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My memorable moments in college included many SPE events, from tailgates, sporting clays and golf tournaments to mini lectures and presentations with professionals. At school, I was the SPE Sporting Clays Chairman; we hosted events and networked with industry professionals. I joined my company's college recruitment team to help incoming students recognize the importance of networking, being in professional organizations and doing well in school. Out of school, I worked as a field engineer for , followed by a completions engineering role at Chesapeake Energy. I've now formed a company called dealing with pipelines and storage.

The SPE-GCS scholarship helped me land my first internship at Shell and in turn, made me want to pursue and gain other internships throughout my collegiate career. My advice to students: First, congratulations on being a scholarship winner! This is a significant event in your budding career. Make sure you leverage the enthusiasm, passion and experiences you used to gain the SPE-GCS scholarship to be the best individual and contributor you can. Remember to be a leader and stand out from the crowd, don't be afraid to take chances even if you think you might miss your mark, and make sure you’re having fun in whatever you pursue.

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