• Alvin High School - 2000
  • Texas A&M University - College Station, BS in Mechanical Engineering

My favorite college memory was Graduation.  I had it all figured out and then I started working.  I worked hard every day with the idea I would own my own business and not work for the "man."  It took me longer than I thought but this year it’s time to come up with a new set of goals to achieve.  I had a number of small scholarships that helped my parents out tremendously.  SPE was probably one of the funniest stories that I can remember as it relates to scholarships.  I was a Mechanical Engineer and MEs could apply for the scholarship for the first year but year 2 engineers had to be PEs.  Out of the blue my dad calls me absolutely flaming mad at the start of my Sophomore year... why you ask?  SPE had called to ask my dad why I didn't reapply for the scholarship.  When I tell you he was mad, my dad was very mad that I was too "lazy" to reapply.  I suppose SPE changed their rules without telling anyone or too many scholarship winners didn't make the grade cut, but I was sure happy they awarded me the scholarship for my sophomore year if for any other reason than to calm my dad down.   My advice to current students is that you can be the smartest person on the planet but if you can't work with a team, you won't succeed in the oil industry.  Take your team work seriously and really try to figure out how to be a leader in a team environment. Contact me at