• Jersey Village High School - 2011
  • University of Texas at Austin, BS in Petroleum Engineering

Majoring in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas was the best of both worlds – there were the luxuries of a large university accompanied with the comprehensive environment of small class sizes. But, my favorite memory of it all was how the petroleum majors became like family, which made the challenging classes a little less tough, group studying more enjoyable, teachers less intimidating, and overall the subject matter much more interesting. I am currently working for a small E&P company in Houston, TX. My official title is Reservoir & Evaluations Engineer, but I have been fortunate enough to be able to work hand-in-hand with several other disciplines, including Operations, Completions, Production and even Geology, allowing me to utilize many of the concepts taught in school. Before and during college, I held several internships with other E&P companies and also with a mineral interest acquisitions company. I earned my EIT Certificate in June 2014 and plan on working towards my Professional Engineering License after a few more years of experience. Receiving the SPE-GCS Scholarship, especially the accompanying internship opportunity, gave me the chance to thoroughly understand the petroleum engineering profession and ensure that majoring in Petroleum Engineering was the right decision for me. It was also a constant reminder that there were people supporting my scholastic goals and that they believed enough in me and my potential to assistance financially. My advice to students is do not give up on yourself. Contact me at