• Katy High School - 2012
  • Texas A&M University, BS in Petroleum Engineering

One of the highlights of my time in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M was my senior design project. The class was a culmination of the 4 years of petroleum engineering that we had learned and it walked us through a development of a natural gas play in Canada; from acquiring land to constructing a rig schedule. I liked collaborating with a team of fellow engineers and working together on a project, something that is very common in industry. The analysis was based off of work that had been done by my professor and it felt realistic. Using tools acquired from several different classes helped connect the different aspects of Petroleum engineering and give me a big picture overview of the oil and gas industry. Upon graduation in May 2016, I began working for Chevron in August 2016.

My first role here at Chevron is a Decision Analysis role in the Deepwater Exploration and Projects Business Unit. I have really enjoyed learning the science behind making complex, strategic decisions and the economic analysis and modeling necessary when exploring new areas in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Receiving the SPE GCS scholarship was not only a major help financially but it also gave me added confidence as I went into my freshman year of college. I knew that a committee had chosen to support me financially and believed that I could succeed. It was a great honor to have received this scholarship and it gave me increased motivation to do well in my classes. My advice to current students is to make the most of the opportunity afforded you by this scholarship. Through the help of this scholarship, you will have access to so many educational resources in university. Take advantage of these resources and sincerely try and learn as much as you can and form meaningful networks and connections. Also, don’t be afraid to venture out and try new things; join a new club or take up a new hobby. Contact me at