• University of Texas at Austin, BS in Petroleum Engineering - 2018

When I first started at Endeavor Energy Resources, I worked as a production engineer in our non-core asset team. My main tasks were to evaluate properties our company was interested in potentially divesting and to assist other teams with special projects, such as new software rollouts. Following a number of months of field training, I became part of the core production team, where I monitor and improve wells to maintain high production rates, as well as work to reduce our total expenditure to do so. Since transitioning, my day-to-day has become much busier, but it's a welcome challenge.

Receiving the SPE scholarship played a key role in driving me toward petroleum engineering. I was initially not sure in what area of engineering I was interested, but after being contacted by Anadarko, and due to having been awarded the scholarship, I was offered an internship. Thanks to the experience I gained that summer, I was subsequently hired as an intern by Endeavor, where I was later brought on full time.

My advice for SPE-GCS scholarship recipients is to appreciate the opportunities you are given. Almost no one’s career goes as planned; there are always circumstances that can cause complete shifts in a career path. Take these shifts as learning experiences, because even if they don't come with the pay or title you always dreamed of, they provide unparalleled exposure to work you may never get the chance to experience again – exposure that can make a lasting impression on your long-term career.