• Ross S. Sterling High School - 2005
  • Texas A&M University, BS in Petroleum Engineering

The summer internships were the best part of my college education. Summarizing those experiences in the SPE paper contest was also very rewarding experience. I started out my career out of college as a drillsite manager in the Gulf of Mexico in Jack-Up rigs. After that I joined our deepwater group and was a field drilling engineer for some time and ultimately a planning and operations drilling engineer for one of our major capital projects. Next, I joined Chevron's well control team where I was tasked with providing well control training to our global drilling and completions workforce and provide subject matter expertise. Finally, I joined our South African Strategic Business unit operations in Angola as a drilling engineer for one of our major capital projects there. Throughout this experience I have received numerous engineering awards, and last year I was able to become a Texas board certified professional engineer. Receiving an SPE scholarship along with the financial aid, I received exposure to the petroleum industry. The scholarship opened the door to obtaining summer internships which built my resume and made me more marketable at the time I graduated and was seeking a full time position. My advice to students is don't be discouraged with the current oil price and the slowed down of our industry. This only makes our job more interesting as it forces us to come up with unique and creative solutions to problems in a costly manner... the essence of engineering. Contact me at