Career Transition Primer

Some services to consider immediately may be available through your previous employer. Things like the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA for short) may be a good sources of short-term financial security (i.e. medical insurance) between jobs. When you are first hit with the details you may not be in the best mental state for digesting the particulars. What did you do with that stack of paper they handed you on Black Friday? Read through everything they handed you and save it for later. Don't be afraid to call back later to clarify this information.

Some employers provide "out-placement" services to aid you in finding other work. This will be very obvious if your company provides such services. Don't be too proud to use these services. Accepting help from your ex-employer may bruise your ego, but it may keep you from hemorrhaging financially since you'll probably find a job quicker with "out-placement" help.