Speaker (Keynote Speaker) Dr. Eric Van Oort, Professor at The University of Texas at Austin

So You Think You Know Shales?What You Might Not Know About Shales during Well Drilling, Stimulation & Abandonment


Speaker Dr. Ahmad Ghassemi, Professor at the University of Oklahoma

Geomechanics in Unconventional Reservoir Stimulation

Speaker Mr. Sudarshan Govindarajan, Rock Mechanics Team Lead at MetaRock Laboratories

Reducing uncertainty in unconventional plays – A Laboratory perspective


Speaker Dr. Tobias Hoeink, Sr Director Stimulation Software & Artificial Intelligence, Baker Hughes, GE Co.

Applications of Machine Learning and Data Analytics in Geomechanics

Speaker Dr. Katelyn A. Huffman, Operations Geomechanicist at Chevron

Identifying Nanoscale to Stratigraphic Scale Impact of Rock Fabric on Mudstone Reservoir Quality and Drillability


Speaker Mr. Vivek Singh, Geomechanics Engineer at Corelab

Core Analysis Evaluation of Reservoir Geomechanic Heterogeneity Index (RGHI) and its Applications

Speaker Dr. Orlando Teran, Sr. Structural Geologist at Microseismic Inc.

Microseismic Geomechanics in High Stress Settings


Speaker Dr. Mike Smith, President at NSI Technologies

“Geomechanics” – The New Petrophysics


Speaker Mr. Mohit Paryani, Engineering Team Lead at FracGeo

Surface Drilling Data for Completion Optimization and Fast Reservoir Simulation of Unconventional Wells



Speaker Dr. Mark McClure, CEO at ResFrac

Lessons Learned from Practical Applications of a Combined Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Simulator