Wednesday, June 29 2022

12 PM - 1 PM
Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022 noon

Please join this planning meeting for the 11th semi-annual SPE Energy Professionals Hiring Event to be held on October 4, 2022.  We will be meeting new volunteers, reviewing the share drive and how to use it,  discussing committee roles for those who have volunteered for one, and early advertising and publicity.   The SPE Energy Professionals Hiring Event at …
8 AM - 11:30 PM
Tuesday, Jun 21, 2022 8 a.m.
Multi-day Event
Conferences/ Symposiums

  Geothermal energy is poised to be a key contributor in the shift to a sustainable energy future. The PIVOT 2022 SPE Datathon is going to challenge participants to solve a geothermal engineering problem using real field data from the Utah FORGE Project. Participants are going to use modern machine learning methods to create predictive …