• Cinco Ranch High School - 2005
  • Texas A&M University - College Station, BS in Petroleum Engineering

I was lucky enough to find my passion as a drilling engineer during a summer internship while in school. Since that time, drilling has remained my primary focus and I have gained experience in drilling deepwater (domestic and abroad), shelf (Gulf of Mexico), and onshore (Permian/Midcontinent) basins. I have passed the PE exam and am now a Licensed Professional Engineer. I have also been published as a co-author of an AADE paper with Smith/Schlumberger on the implementation of advanced drill bit technology. I was already decided on becoming a Petroleum Engineer (3rd generation). Obviously the financial assistance was of great assistance, it enabled me to concentrate on my studies without needing to worry about paying for food or gas. Second, and more importantly, the internship I found through my SPE-GCS scholarship for the summer before I began college gave me a valuable headstart on other students, both in the classroom and in consideration for future internships. This began a chain of events that ultimately led to 4 internships and 2 winter break contracting jobs before I graduated with my degree and began my job as an international deepwater drilling engineer. My advice to students is that grades are important, but they aren't everything. In today's oilfield downturn, networking and experience trump GPA (as long as you meet the minimum GPA dictated by HR!). Don't be afraid of field experience. Spend some time getting dirty, staying up all night, and getting to know your field staff. You will likely not have a chance to gain that kind of experience later in your career and you won't know what you've missed until it's too late. Contact me at