A Rich Heritage

Our rich heritage began in 1966 when spouses of AIME engineers formed the Waaime's, Womens' Auxiliary of AIME (American Institute of Metallurgical and Mining Engineers). In 1977, we bacame the SP Auxiliary, since most of our engineers where now part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. For 45 years we have hosted the International Room at OTC (all four days), the SPE Golf Tournaments, had silent Auctions, sponsored Casino Nights, and sold raffle tickets to raise money for our scholarship program. 

Our Main Emphasis is Scholarship!

All earnings each year are given as scholarship grants to outstanding high school seniors planning to major in an engineering or science degree related to the petroleum industry. Since 1966, as the Waaime's, through 2009 as the SPE Auxiliary, we have given over $283,500 to the Scholarship Program. That's a bunch... and, we are still giving. 

Last spring, scholarship grants totaled $18,000 and were awarded to six area seniors. Join the Auxiliary group for spouses of SPE members. Who knows! Your son or daughter, or even a grandson or granddaughter, may be one of our future scholarship recipients.  

Our commitment to members is very strong. Since we are all in a unique and special industry, we lean on each other for support. Our monthly meetings are fun, entertaining and usually at the best restaurants and country clubs in town. 

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Please Note: This is the Auxiliary membership for spouses - To join SPE, please visit www.spe.org to add or renew your general membership in the professional society.

Mission Statement

The main emphasis of the Houston SPE Auxiliary is scholarship. Monies earned each year are given as scholarships to outstanding high school seniors planning to major in engineering or science and work in the petroleum industry.


Position Name Phone
President Nancy Giffhorn 281-360-4631
First Vice President Karen Mermis 713-896-8556
Second Vice President - Scholarships Edie Bishop 713-467-1769
Recording Secretary Paulette Williams 281-897-0493
Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Earlougher 281-419-1328
Treasurer Darlene Hirasaki 713-862-2946
Parliamentarian Lorie Coffelt 281-859-0057