• Concordia Lutheran High School - 2006
  • Texas A&M University - College Station, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My favorite college memory was by far the camaraderie built with my classmates during our senior year. Due to a large Capstone project, we all spent a lot of time in the Richardson Petroleum building working together, connecting on personal levels, and having an all-around good time. Many fond memories were created during late nights at Rich High such as roast videos, millions of chipotle runs, ethics class "prep", rap battles, and mustaches. So far in my career I have had a chance to work in Wyoming as Production Engineer, Colorado as a Completion Engineer, and Utah as a Reservoir Engineer. With each role I have added valuable skills to my engineering tool belt that continue to make me a more competent Petroleum Engineer. The more I learn about this industry, the more fascinated I am by the direction we are heading and what the future holds. One of the primary reasons that I chose to study Petroleum Engineering was because of the scholarship opportunities. Most 16-17 year-old kids have no idea what they really want to do with their lives, myself included. I knew I liked math, science, and problem solving... and that was about it. The SPE scholarship really helped me focus in on how I could turn the things that I loved into a great career. Now I get to work in a fascinating industry, daily make things better, and problem solve for a living! My advice for students is: 1. Work as hard as possible in the first couple years of your college education. It is a MUCH better experience to coast at the end of college than to fight to get out of a hole for your entire educational career. 2. Internships and working are not the same as school work. I knew that internships were valuable, but I made the mistake of thinking that working in the oil field during the summer would be the same as a summer of more school work. Petroleum engineering is a rigorous degree, but that doesn't mean that working in the oil and gas industry is not fun! Most college kids are going to be working in the summer to make money anyways... it might as well be something that sets you up for a future career in the oil industry. And believe it or not... you might even have a really fun time doing it! Contact me at